called Lions ‘ player to root for ‘ by Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford is one of Detroit’s sports history’s most polarized athletes. Many fans love his leadership, dormant arm and league-leading comeback wins, while others lament his lack of playoff success and massive contract.

There shouldn’t be any debate, according to’s Adam Rank: Stafford is the player fans that should be rooting for. For each team that fans should root for, the Lions QB was the choice for Detroit in Rank’s piece on one player.

In his explanation advocating No. 9, Rank admits to being a big Stafford fan,

DETROIT LIONS: Matthew Stafford, QB. I promised to not list the players I spoke about last year, but with Stafford I can’t help myself. He was one of my favorite players to watch in the NFL for a long time. Recent news about Stafford and his family made me a bigger supporter than ever.

Naturally, the family news is Stafford’s wife Kelly and her recent brain surgery. Fortunately, Stafford offered a positive update on the progress made by Kelly this week.

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