The Minnesota Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes appreciates Zimmer’s criticism

Minnesota Vikings star CB Xavier Rhodes decided to take an honest assessment of his 2018 play after being called out this offseason by coach Mike Zimmer.

“There have been mistakes, I want to work on and plays I felt like I could have come out on top of that I didn’t,” Rhodes siad Wednesday about his inconsistent play through the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

After the March Annual League Meeting of the NFL, Zimmer criticized last season’s play of the corner.

“I don’t really thought he played as well as he can,” siad Zimmer at the time. “He has to play up to his experience level. So we are paying him a lot of money. He’s got to play up to that contract.”

The corner, named Pro Bower in 2016 and 2017 and All-Pro first-team in 2017, siad he took the reproach to heart on Wednesday.

“I and he spoke on that,” Rhodes said of Zimmer’s remarks. “I mean, we had a bad year as a whole team, so everyone was messing up. We all need to get together as a team and correct our mistakes. I was one of those guys who was a team leader, not playing as many games as I did in previous years.”

Rhodes noted that he “did gamble” too often and played “out of character” sometimes overthrowing last season. The 28-year-old appreciated Zimmer’s tough love.

“We appreciate him being tough on us, being tough on us,” Rhodes said. “He just wants greatness out of us.”

When the Vikings are to get back to the playoffs, they will need greatness out of Rhodes and the rest of the high paid players on the roster in 2019.

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