7 Round NFL Mock Draft 2019 Los Angeles Chargers

SPORTHQTV was a go in the Goat House is back with another seven round NFL mock draft this one is for the L. A. Chargers who have a pick in each round of the upcoming draft almost threw these this upcoming Tuesday will be the last day of the seven-round will be then throwing all 32 teams then we got some position rankings to do final mock draft couple live streams and of course we will be alive during the NFL draft April 25th is when it all begins.

The actual draft starts at 7 will be live 30 minutes earlier and then during the draft, we’ll have Predictions for each pick.For that to the Chargers I’d like some of the fits I gave the Chargers here the first one here is Jerry Tillery defense line from Notre Dame and you know his name starting to get like you a certain heat up really it’s getting thrown out there more he can go even earlier in this later than the first but I think this is very realistic here late in the first round and it’s tough it’s tough to predict what the Chargers would do what type of deal I’m in they need because you know they always kind of go for that that run stopper but I think a guy like Tillery who could stop the run but he’s a pass rushing d lineman I think Tillery would fit perfectly and maybe that’s just my opinion but you know me Baynes with the nose tackle spots so Tillery would go to the D tackle spot they haven’t really had anybody there that can really get after the quarterback that well so Tillery would just make that defense that much better and only the Chargers have any giant needs other than D tackle they could use a right tackle for the future as well but other than that pretty complete team obviously can contend now so I like Tillery a lot for that team it makes a lot of sense we’ll see if they do it maybe they’ll like more of it Dexter Lawrence type I think he’s more of the nose tackle guy but you know me Baynes not going to be around for forever as well so I mean that would make sense too but Tillery I think just upgrades that defense instantly brings a different just another element to the game of that defense so I would like it very much Next pick second round they get that tackle Johnny could juiced the offense lineman for West Virginia I think you can plug him plug him right in there right tackle if you need him to if not then he will be in the near future so could use was kind of getting some first round talk earlier in this draft process you know kind of a you know I don’t want to say stock went down but I guess the other talent pushed him down but a very good blocker he did get hurt towards the end of the year I think maybe that’s what did it but even after that people were talking about first round but I think that’s just based off well how he played before he hurt which as it was at a very very high level so I would like this picture in a second.

He definitely could be there now that you know he’s kind of dropped a little bit but very good talent there.

And again you can start right away if they need him to. If he’s LV next pick third round Blake CASHMAN I think fits in their defense a dolphin in our linebacker they have really valued the position that highly in the past but I think it’s time I do that but I do like Thomas Davis signing pretty solid there you know he’s not gonna be around forever a year or two but he can still play a high level if he’s healthy but he doesn’t need another one. We got some other guys that can play in L.A. at Paramount they re signed him but Cashman is instinctive high motor guy so god knows how to get in the backfield and stop run play for negative yards so he can cover so Cashman could be good in that Chargers defense here in the third round could potentially be a late second round guy best case scenario here and it’s realistic that they can get him in the third fourth round I got him taking a receiver Emanuel Hall wide receiver Missouri they lost Tyrell Johnson nowhere near similar to Emanuel hall but they already have those outside downfield receivers and Keenan Allen does everything but Mike Williams starting to get better you know last year at the end of last year was insane so he’s that downfield jump all guy down the sideline guy they have Travis Benjamin for you know shifty guy so Hall is kind of that shifty guy but he can also go downfield too he can kind of can bring everything to the table so I like a hall he was you know right after the come on you’re starting to get some sack around talk because it was dominant combine I think that’s just a combined kind of overhyped just a little bit I think is very good but you know we know how it is right after the combine so I thought really it was more of a third rounder which realistically he could go third still but there was some slight injury concern apparently.

We’ll see how that affects them so I do think it’s realistic given the fourth but again he could go in the third athlete that’s for sure fifth round. Sharif Miller defensive end from Penn State not getting talked about enough. You know very solid defensive and very solid pass rusher and they may be the Chargers at the best dual pass rush duel and football with Melvin Ingram and Joey both of those is healthy but after that not much depth. So Sharif Miller would be much-needed depth and very good depth here in the fifth round.

So maybe they can go a pass rusher earlier just because Bowser was hurt last year they don‘t have too much but they got similar I don’t have them getting some other players that can help out right away too but next pick which is the six rounds. Lucas Dennis Boston College free safeties so could be there a few say that can play when they got Derwin James who. Yeah, that’s not an insult just saying he can play but excellent safety and Derwin James I mean he does it all too. But the thing that stands out he stops the run pretty much better than any safety and Lucas Dennis is mainly just is just the pass guy. You know he’s in a CS he’s deep ball guy you know he’s a playmaker gets those turnovers he Duffy needs work in the run game that’s why he’s a six round a little undersized that’s why he’s a six rounder but he’s a playmaker could be the future safety alongside Derwin James but they have a couple of other safeties that can play so it’s not like they need instantly a guy in there so that’s why Dennis makes sense here and then the last pick here is a corner because they need corner depth in Rashard Fenton another guy is not getting talked about that I think is the seventh round sleeper you know similar play started Andre Baker actually who could be a first round pick so he’s kind of the poor man’s game in the same draft Rashard Fenton inconsistent really and that’s why he’s down here because one second he’s making you get out you see it coming up and stop in the run you can make a play in the air too but need to say a little more consistent but he’s shown signs that he can be very solid so I think he’s a seventh round Sleeper and the Chargers are very very good at developing the corners so I get another guy like this in here so the outside guys are Trevor Williams and Casey Hayward obviously Desmond Kings one of the slot guys so you could you could use more outside corners as depth that’s why I had them taking a guy like this here so that’s going to do over the Chargers were almost released through these seven remarks all the teams almost there like I said this upcoming Tuesday should be the last day and then we’re gonna start doing POSITION RANKINGS each position groups are gonna get those out my and my opinion obviously we’re going to do it every year I do a trade scenario news basically just a bunch of trades that I think could happen in the NFL draft what exact details and final mock drafts.

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