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Free agency has slowly come to a stop. As most of the big names have come off the board. The Raiders do not waste any time signing free agents in the likes of Trent Brown Tyrell Williams Lamarcus Joyner Barnes has Berdych just to name a few. There are still some solid free agents available that can fill this team’s needs. So without further ado under similar raider and these are my top available free agents that the Raiders can still sign. Honorable Mention defensive tackle it down because so running back T.J. yelled in wide receiver Michael Crabtree and safety Glover Quin Shayne Ray linebacker. Now when Shane Ray was coming into the league I was actually hoping the Raiders could pick them up in the NFL draft. He was young in Russia with a lot of potentials. Obviously we all know that he went to our rivals the AFC West rivals Denver Broncos and has been one of the biggest Raider haters since then and I despise this guy and I did not like him at all but coming around full circle this guy is a young free agent with a high ceiling and I can see the Raiders going now and picking them up for a very very low price. This will be that type of under the radar move that the Raiders can really use in the second wave of free agency and if we bring them on he can be a rotational edge rusher on this team that can help Arden Key and maybe future Raider players that we pick up in the draft.

Eric Berry safety. Aired very was released from the Kansas City Chiefs just a couple of days ago and I know the nation was going now is saying let’s go out and pick up Eric Berry. I wouldn’t mind Eric Berry coming to the Raider Nation. The only thing is the price that we would have to pay to bring them on. Now I know the safety market in free agency has been booming with the likes of landing Collins going to the Redskins for 85 million dollars. Tyrell Matthew and Earl Thomas going to their respective teams for a huge contract as well. And if Eric Berry is asking for the same contract then I highly doubt the Raiders going out and picking up Eric Berry. But if it could somehow bring them all for a very low price or a veteran minimum then I wouldn’t mind bringing a month. The only reason why I see Eric Barry’s value dropping is because of the injury history and the fact that he hasn’t been able to stay on the field. But when he is on the field no question Eric Berry is one of the elites and best safeties in the league and he can provide that leadership in the locker room and on the field on the defensive side of the ball that we really need. So I’m all in for bringing on Eric Berry for the right price. And if we can then we find a solid safety for the Raiders. Zac Brown linebacker

Zac Brown is one of the most physical athletic and productive inside linebackers in the past few seasons and I know just a couple of years ago Brown actually visited the Raiders during free agency but he decided to sign with the Washington Redskins during his time there. He totaled two hundred and twenty-three tackles three and a half sacks three pass defenses and started in 25 games. Once again Brown finds himself back on the market and the Raiders could really use additional help in the middle of the field. Now I know we have to hear Whitehead and we brought in fantastic perfect but if we can bring in Zach Brown to solidify the middle of that linebacker corps this linebacker corps would be solid.

Maybe one of the best land back in the cause that we would have in the past couple of years. Nick Perry addressed her three-year struggle to stay on the field since signing a lucrative deal with Green Bay just two years ago seeing her sack totals plummet from the career high of eleven and 2016 to eight and a half in the past two years combined.

Still just 29 years old in April, he can help his Raiders team if he’s healthy. Now he’s really productive when he‘s on the field and he finished with a PFA great of 80 and a half in 2018 being the 30th ranked pass rusher. This team needs a lot of addresses and Nick Perry who’s still 29 years old has a high ceiling and can be productive when he’s healthy and hopefully with a change of scenery he can produce to a high-level playing in the Silver and Black JJ running back. I know a lot of people get to look at this move and say No we do not need a running back and I know we have Chris Warren and Jalen Rashad on the roster right now as our running backs and I highly doubt that we bring back the Andre Washington and I do not know what the status is with beast mode. Let’s say we do not bring them back. Now I know you still go into NFL Draft and pick up another running back and I totally understand it but hear me out late edition. JJ is still a young running back. Twenty-five years on with a very high ceiling. He still has all the skills to become an elite running back and due to the market, well-running backs are going for right now especially seeing how low Tevin Coleman went to the 49ers for two years eight million dollars up to ten million dollars with incentives.

I feel like JJ will be around that same price range maybe one year five million dollars. Who knows. Obviously, we all know his history with being injury prone and that’s the biggest knock on him and I feel like that’s what’s going to drive his price range down he tore his ACL in Week five of last year and wasn’t able to return last season but coming off of that insidious season. I feel like he’s going to have to have a private deal maybe a one year deal and maybe we could bring him in for that.

This is a win-win signing if the Rangers can get this done for the right price. Ziggy answer Ed Drescher former pro bowler finished with four sacks and eleven tackles in 2018 to injury when healthy. He has proven to be a dominant pass rusher in the league total sacks in 2017 at 14 and a half sacks in 2015 in which was his Pro Bowl season. Now I’m so surprised that he’s still available in the free agent market. I thought he would have been picked up long ago maybe in the first week of free agency but the fact that he’s still available I would love the Raiders to go and pick him up. Honestly, this is the only move I want leaving that free agency is picking up. Ziggy also fills a huge position of leadership on this team that really needs pass rushers after we’d let go and traded away Kahlil Mack last year. This team only totaled up 13 sacks last year which was the league’s lowest SAC total which is really embarrassing for the Raiders. Now I know Ziggy answer has been injury prone. Most of his career but when he’s healthy like I said he can be a force to be reckoned with.

This NFL job is filled with defensive Pash rushers that we can use and if we pick up Ziggy answer and him this solidifies one side of the line and we can go on NFL Draft and just fill up the rest of his defense and maybe build a solid defense for the future even though he’s 30 he’s still a young player still developing and still has a high ceiling and can grow with his Raiders defense so Raiders go out and get this guy and man.

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