Andy Isabella Perfect Fit For the New England Patriots

Andy Isabella a guy that a lot of Pats fans are very high on and with Bill Belichick loaded with third-round draft picks and the tight end position and defensive end being a higher priority for the Patriots.

Isabella could be that perfect player for the Patriots when it comes to skill in draft position. You know what else is perfect is that you guys come back to dear pats nation time and time again. And I would like to welcome everybody new and old to my channel and remind you if you are in New England Patriot fan and you’re looking for a place to get all your patrons news and opinions by a dedicated member of Pats nation just like me. Why do you think a shot I mean subscribe to my channel if you do end up liking this video please don’t forget to hit that like button and make sure you leave a question or comment and join the conversation with the rest of the dear pats nation family.

All right. So Isabella did do four years in college at Massachusetts. And let’s look at his senior year stats. He caught 102 balls his senior year for one thousand six hundred ninety-eight yards and a touchdown but he had 13 touchdowns sorry and he really had a solid solid college career caught 231 balls in total for three thousand five hundred twenty-six yards and thirty total touchdowns not too bad. Those are stats I like to read. Now let’s look at the overview that NFL dot com has on him. This is his competitive well-rounded receiver possessing both elite quickness and long speed to go with solid play strength.

Isabella has the feet and fakes to uncover in a hallway closet in the former High Schools sprint champion proved to Georgia that his ability to win deep should not be underestimated. Isabella could become a menace on option routes with the ability to add vertical routes from the slot but he must improve his pass catching consistency and smoothness into the brakes in order to transition all that speed to the NFL. All right. Let’s take a little bit of a deeper look what I’ve read what I’ve seen and here’s what we go. OK. He’s not that stereotypical sort of short area SWAT receiver and I know every time I talk about any kind of slot receiver on here people like we already have slobs that we already had those positions we already have Julian Edelman. Well, Julian Edelman is getting old. He’s not going to be here forever either. So we need to think about this year in the future it’s gonna be a good balance. But considering that he can be a legit deep threat and he has that ability to climb past the coverage that makes him more than just a slot receiver. One thing that he does really good is he can break ankles on receivers. He can suddenly drop into intermediate patterns and it leaves those receivers trying to look to get back and cover them. His roots are sharp. He has leveraged angles you know and he can find that space. He’s just on to find that space.

He can just do so many good things he can fake he can break. He can cut. He can re-accelerate after a fake. It’s just that speed just comes and boom boom boom boom boom just in very short order. When you think about the Patriots think about their short passes often been known as dunking and dunking which I don’t think that’s what it is. But they like to go short and get those yards after catch setting their guys up for easy runs down the field. This is where Isabella could fit in perfectly because he’s so good with that initial burst of quickness of just opening up space immediately. He’s he can he’ll come back to the quarterback. He’ll break a route if he is out of the pocket he’ll dash back to him Get open. And he really any has the strength and he’s elusive. He’s really an overall player and kind of underestimated to what he could. You know in the NFL. Like he. And the biggest part of him is he comes with versatility because he does have experience as a punt returner. Again Bill Belichick likes guys that can do multiple things in college. They had him running the ball a little bit and doing some jets sweeps in that kind of thing. He can return punts he can play on special teams and he can be a wide receiver if that doesn’t spell. New England Patriots material.

I don’t know what will. Look and even though Isabelle is a little guy only standing at five foot nine and he really only tops of scales at 180 pounds. He has the potential to be a multi-tool weapon with a lot of versatility which you know would excite Bill Belichick. Scouts have been comparing him to a Philip Dawes set which isn’t a bad thing. I get the door set has never lived up to his potential but there’s a reason that he was a former number one and Isabella coming into the third round would take a lot of pressure off of him because he still possesses the skill set that would make him an instant impact on the Patriots roster especially with the Patriots special teams and offense is constructed so far out of all the receivers that I’ve highlighted so far Isabella is probably the most realistic options the Patriots actually have to pick him up on that third round position the other guys have been talking about were late first rounders early second rounders. Again the Patriots either have to take a receiver in the first round which I’m just dead set that they’re not they’re going to pick up with defensive end and they would have had to trade up in the second round which Bill Belichick just doesn’t do so he really is the most realistic option I think for the Patriots have possibly their first pick out of the draft.

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