Antonio Brown Trade & NFL Sending Players To The Alliance of American Football

Hope you guys are having a blessed day and welcome to sharp news the show where we talk everything football. I’m your host Marcus sharp and we have a ton of things to get into today. Things like the Antonio Brown trade all the players who have recently been released from the teams as well as the NFL potentially letting their players play in the AFC but the first order of business that we have to talk about is this past weekend’s NFL Combine.

Now the NFL Combine weekend is a great weekend because it allows any player that was invited to show their skills and try and help improve their draft stock. And with that being said every year at the combine there are a couple of players who just stand out from the rest. So real quickly let me tell you guys a couple of the top performers at this year’s combine starting off with Mississippi State edge rusher Montana’s sweat Monta is one of them ran a four-point for one second 40 yard dash which is an NFL Combine record for a defensive lineman on top of that impressive 40 yard dash he also had a 36 inch vertical and in one hundred and twenty-five inch broad shoulders and he did all of that while coming in at six foot six and 260 pounds after his performance at the combine Monta solidified himself as a first-round talent. Next up we’ve got to take a look at the guy that everyone’s been talking about from this past weekend in Ole Miss wide receiver D.K. Metcalf. D.K. Metcalf measured in at six foot three and two hundred and twenty-eight pounds but that did not stop him from running a four-point three three-second 40-yard dash on top of that.

So go went up there like but now after decades performance at the combine most NFL scouts have him ranked as a top 10 pick. Now, this is a big deal because prior to the NFL draft most NFL analysts had him ranked as more of a top 20 pick. Now the difference between being the 10th overall pick in the 20th overall pick as far as when you’re looking at first round picks it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. However, when you’re looking at contracts it is a huge deal as a comparison. Let’s look at last year’s draft where with the 10th overall pick the Cardinals took Josh Rosen. His contract was worth seventeen point eight million dollars with 11 million of a guaranteed.

And then let’s compare that to last year 20th overall pick when the Cowboys picked up late in vendor in his contract was worth 12 million with six point eight million of that being guaranteed. So yeah and just the difference of 10 picks. Almost half of your guaranteed money could be lost. So the combo was a big day for D.K. Metcalf. Let’s take a look at this year’s top two quarterbacks heading into the draft and Dwayne Haskins and Kyler Murray. Now Dwayne Haskins ran a 5.0 for a second 40 and had a 28 and a half inch vertical. Well, those might not seem like the most impressive measure Miles. Dwayne was more able to showcase his talent during the field events where he was able to make a bunch of NFL throws in front of NFL scouts. And now we couldn’t talk about the draft without at least bringing up Colin Murray’s name at least once. Now normally heading into the combine most teams want to know how fast the players are how high they can jump. Except that wasn’t the case for Colin Murray. You see heading into the combine every team wants to know how Tom really is Colin Murray seeing that there was a lot of reports claiming that Colin Murray was only five foot eight. However, calamari measured in a five foot 10 and 194 pounds and while Colin Murray did not participate in any of the on-field events he was able to affect his draft stock in another way. If you guys didn’t know the NFL Combine is more than just the 40-yard dash in the vertical. No it’s a chance that all 30 teams get to interview each of the players that they’re considering picking up in the draft and getting to know them as a person you see have to look at it from the NFL teams perspective you’re about to give a college-age kid millions of dollars without knowing what type of person.

No that’s why these interviews are so important because it gives teams a chance to figure out what type of person these players are that kind of figure out just like if they’re going to mention their locker room and things like that. And during these interviews, Colmar was able to reassure a ton of teams that he is fully committed to playing in the NFL. Now right now calamari is predicted to go first overall to the Arizona Cardinals. However, if you guys don’t remember last year Arizona picked up Josh Rosen with their first-round pick. However, we’ll talk a little bit more about calamari versus Josh Rosen in a minute.

Now next up, unfortunately, we have to talk about all the players who weren’t able to make it to training camp. Now don’t worry guys this happens every single year and all of these players still have a chance to be picked up going into next season. On the screen right now is a list of all the players who have been released or did not have their options picked up by their current team. A couple of standout names are cool players like safety Eric Weddle linebacker Jamie Collins free safety Glover Quinn and kicker Matt Bryant.

Marcus sharp I try and give you guys an unbiased breakdown of the news each week. However, I have heard the expertise of one of the NFL is the most prestigious analysts to help me out with this news section.

I am your guys as an insider to give you all of the juiciest news happening all around the league pass on. First up Josh Rosen is available. Or is he. Ever since the Arizona Cardinals picked up new head coach Cook KINGSBURY There has been a controversy surrounding Josh Rosen’s future with the team that before he became the head coach of the ozone economists he is all quote saying that he would take calamari with the first overall pick. I tell you when the first the draft if I could add on top of that Clint Kingsbury, tried to recruit calamari to come to Texas saying no. And then in late February people noticed that Josh Rosen had deleted all of his cardinals related posts off of his Instagram. Pretty strange right. However, like every other celebrity that puts something that they didn’t mean to on Instagram, of course, he got hacked just a couple of days after Josh Rosen had deleted those posts on Instagram. These cardinals general manager Steve Coll went on record saying this when asked about Josh Rosen’s picture with the team the Schwarzenegger quarterback. He is right now for sure. Does that sound too reassuring that Josh Rosen is going to be staying with the team that the Cardinals couldn’t be doing one of two things they can either a be faking like they’re showing interest in picking up calamari with that first overall pick so that other teams like the Giants are potentially looking to pick up a quarterback by move up and they can make the first overall pick more valuable but secondly they generally do have interest in picking up calamari with that first overall pick.

Then on Tuesday, March 25th Charlie Casserly reported that he talked to an NFL team that said that the Cardinals are currently shopping Josh Rosen and Bucky Brooks of the NFL Network was talking to a couple of teams trying to figure out what kind of value that Josh Rosen would put on the market. And he said that teams would not give him more than a third or fourth round pick. That is a huge drop off seeing that Josh Rosen was the 10th overall pick in last year’s draft. Not me personally. All of my years being an NFL analyst I have never seen a team draft a quarterback with their first-round pick a one year and then the very next year get rid of that same player. Normally you let the guy at least play a couple of years to determine whether he’s a bust or not. But I want to hear from you guys. What do you think that the college should do with Judge rules and do you think they should give up on them right now. Only that they should give them some time to see if whether he’s a boom or a bust.

Next up we have breaking news. People we have breaking news. It is reported that Antonio Brown will very soon be a member of the Buffalo Bills. This came up super late last night so the details are not fully in stone. But right now it looks like the Steelers are going to move forward and trying to get Antonio Brown to the bills of Antonio. But I don’t know how I feel about the scene that the bills are not really been the best team these past couple years and they don’t have a solid quarterback. But I want to hear from you guys should a comment down below. Next up Nick Foles is heading to Jacksonville according to less Bowden affiliate outcome the Jays 10 on Simon beat former Super Bowl MVP. March 13th the day that teams are officially allowed to sign free agents at the Philadelphia Eagles actually wanted to keep Nick foreseen that they did pick up his player option. However, Nick Foles paid two million dollars back to the team just so that he can go out into the open market. Now there is a lot of money to pay to a team that wanted you, especially because if he did stay on the Eagles have to pay him 20 million dollars.

But do you guys think that Nick Foles will be a hit in Jacksonville? And the last news story that I will be bringing in today is probably the most interesting one. There have been a couple of rumors that NFL teams are considering sending their players to the AFC but this could be big news later on because of two leaks have come to an agreement. The ATF could become like the G League is to the NBA a league where teams can send their young or unproven players to help develop them and to help grow their game so that just sitting on the bench all year. Bill Polian said in a quote in USA Today that the talks are ramping up although a lot of hurdles that the two leagues would need to get over it so that this could actually happen. But if this were to happen in the F word to become like a G League is to the NBA. This would be a great addition to the NFL and it would also put more eyes onto the air.

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