Best Player In NFL Brett Favre Calls Aaron Rodgers

I think it’s probably a little blown out of proportion. I think it’s unfortunate but I don’t think it’ll affect what will happen in the future. Especially while Aaron is still a quarterback. There is absolutely no doubt that he’s probably the most dynamic. A player in the game right now maybe ever. You know what a playmaker and. You know any coach that will attempt to coach him. Has to do it. As a tread was light because you don’t want to take away what. Brett Favre does so well which is a lot of good things.

And handcuffing and say OK well I‘m a rainy night and I’m going to do this and I’m not saying Mike do that. I’m not saying the new coach will do that but I’m just saying you got you’ve got to let him play. I will say this. One of the things I agree on in that in that article is they really should have one more for whatever reason they did. They were that good. And they had the best player in the game. I just felt like they should have done more.

There is going to be some tension and whether it contracts and stuff. Did you go through that at all? I know you played with some big personalities. How hard is it to maneuver that sort of relationship being the franchise quarterback. Well I think you’re finding out now because you and I’ve talked numerous occasions

And he was here at my house this past summer doing a documentary. Brett Favre, So we had a lot of time to reflect. And he’s really at the stage now. Where I was when he came into Green Bay. And Now he sort of sees why. I sort of did the things that I did and was a little bit more reclusive

Then younger players. I think as you get older you’re a little bit more guarded. Maybe a lot more guarded. For reasons like this you know I don’t think I went through it

As much maybe or as it is in detailed as it is right now. But yeah when I left Green Bay you know there was a lot of Daggers being thrown both.

And you know as I look back you know time heals a lot of things but I don’t know if there’s a whole lot of good that comes out of the daggers.

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