Daniel Jones Film Analysis 2019 NFL Draft

Let’s talk about Daniel Jones the quarterback out of Duke. The number one thing everybody says about him is that he’s a David Clarke Cliff quarterback. They always talk about his coach David cut Cliff of course coach Peyton Manning and Eli Manning. I don’t care. I don’t care who his coach was. I want to forget the coach for a minute. I want to talk about the idea. Are people excited about Daniel Jones can he play quarterback. Who cares who his coach was. It’s great. He looks well coached obviously but I wanted to look at the film and see what does the film say about Daniel Jones who is he as a quarterback. Forget the coach. What does the film say about him and what actually happened when I looked at his film. Daniel Jones is the most boring quarterback I have ever done in film analysis of. It was a really long really again just boring Abigail Jones is a solid quarterback doesn’t really do anything flashy and he never wows you with big growth is just not who he is he just consistently puts the ball in the right spot. That’s where coaching comes into play is he does follow protocol basically every single play he does a great job listening to his coaches the guy lives underneath he’s really happy to dink and dunk all day short five yard passes four-yard passes sometimes whoa it was a six-yard pass and that’s who he is he’s a dink and dunk kind of quarterback and again that’s fine that’s not a bad thing.

The NFL especially today’s really trending in that direction anyways you know a lot of quarterbacks steal yards with really short passes and live underneath that’s how Tom Brady Philip Rivers Drew Brees guys like those guys who were older who don’t have the arm strength downfield guys like that have made their entire careers and really extended their careers by living underneath and throwing short passes and there are many many reasons why Daniel Jones plays that way the number one reason why Daniel Jones really threw a lot of short passes very much lived underneath is because his team sucked. I got, to be honest, the players around him were not very a good many many times there are so many dropped touchdown passes I want to show you that are like Are you kidding me like Daniel Jones dimes up a great fifty or pass downfield in and out of his guys hands it is awful I don’t get to quarterbacks I’ve seen that had the most dropped passes so far I’m breaking down Jarrett Stidham as well Jarrett Stidham Oh the guy from Auburn felt so bad and Daniel Jones Daniel Jones threw a number of really good passes deep downfield that just went right through this guy’s hands and it’s awful and not only did his wide receiver suck Daniel Jones offensive line simply was not very good it had it forced the Duke coaching staff to really change their offense and call a lot of plays that got the ball out of his hands really quickly you know therefore that’s why there are a lot of Dink conduct passes the team around Daniel Jones limited the kind of offense they could run.

Now another reason though why Daniel Jones threw a lot of short passes is that is simply who Daniel Jones is as a quarterback. A lot of quarterbacks get greedy and forced the ball deep downfield into coverage you will never and I repeat you will never ever see Daniel Jones forced the ball deep downfield into coverage that’s not who he is as a quarterback. In fact, you could argue that Daniel Jones is is too safe as a quarterback. There’s a throw against Miami. The vertical has leverage deep downfield. You can watch it there’s a seam and a set and the vertical seam route has really good leverage on the linebackers there inside of the safety and steady forces to throw underneath to one of his wide receivers and it’s actually almost picked off you can really argue Daniel Jones might be too safe of a quarterback. He seemed far more comfortable throwing short passes than testing the waters downfield. Look I played quarterback I play quarterback in college I’ve been there I actually really understand how Daniel Jones feels. I want to say you know the throws I regret the most from my playing career in high school are the throws that I didn’t make when I had a six point five wide receiver matched up and man to man coverage and instead of taking a shot downfield I just check down three easy for your pass nothing went wrong it was a very easy completion it is very safe and I wonder if Daniel Jones, if he gets better talent around him really take more shots downfield, does he is even aware that that’s how he plays as a quarterback I’m sure he got to praise a lot for doing the right thing with the ball all the time.

Now there is a common trope in the media that when a quarterback is really safe people will say well you know he won’t lose you a game with a bad throw. But he’s also not going to win you a game. Let me be very very clear Daniel Jones is the reason why Duke won games last year. Duke went eight and 5. They won a bowl game last year that was because of their quarterback Daniel Jones. He carried their offense. Their team was terrible. They had bad wide receivers who dropped a ton of passes I mean it’s unbelievable how many dropped passes I saw when I watched Duke’s film Daniel Jones is the reason why they were competitive. He ran the ball really really well made great decisions. He consistently put the ball in the right spot. That is the mark of a great quarterback.

And I think reliability is often a trait we overlook. We don’t realize Oh hey a quarterback who does the right thing every single time I can depend on him to do that. Nobody seems to appreciate that we talk a lot about arm strength and this and that. Daniel Jones is not a flashy quarterback who will while you were giant throws. But if Daniel Jones is your quarterback you can trust he will consistently take care of the ball and put the ball in the right place. He has an average arm. I mean that’s it’s kind of indisputable. I wonder actually if people if Daniel Jones was not 6 foot whatever he is he’s a really tall big quarterback. A lot of people love how big he is I wonder if Daniel Jones was 5 foot 10 if we would be excited about him at all because he has a limited ceiling. He doesn’t have a lot of arms. He’s good but not great doesn’t use his legs a lot when he throws. But he also knows his physical limitations he’s really really good at knowing who he is as a player get a lot of self-awareness. He takes the defense gives him he’s very patient reading defenses and in spite of his bad teammates who were just not very talented, he really played well in spite of them. He did not let them hold him back and winning eight games that Duke roster is not anything to be you should be proud of that.

The fact that Daniel Jones at Duke went 8 and 5 is incredible. That’s a testament to Daniel Jones as a quarterback now. He also has a lot of other things well again his ability to run the ball is underrated no one I don’t read a lot of what people say but I did not expect him to run the ball as well as he did he move the change a couple of times and you know I really think he’s accurate and even his feet aren’t set he’s very very accurate he doesn’t need his feet to be perfectly lined up to still throw an accurate pass downfield I really believe Daniel Jones could start day one in the NFL and survive he would not thrive he’s not going to do great but if you put Daniel Jones into your starting lineup week one next year in the NFL he would do okay he can do he will survive. I’m not going to say he’ll put up great numbers. I don’t think it’s but I don’t need to throw a horrible interception and do awful stuff. I think Daniel Jones could play right now in the NFL I just survive and get along and be OK. I do not love him. I do not love Daniel Jones as a quarterback. He’s a very limited quarterback but he makes really great decisions and that’s what I think we should measure quarterbacks on is we talk too often about arm strength and he’s big and this and that Daniel Jones does the right thing with the ball basically every single time and I believe that is the number one way we should evaluate quarterbacks if you do that.

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