Design Of Arizona Cardinals Stadium

In mega-project construction, some things don’t come around very often.

Out of the Arizona desert sand and four years in the making is one of those icons. The four hundred and twelve million dollar Argyle stadium with its retractable roof and roll out natural turf playing surface is a first in North America.

Having a first-class stadium with every fan amenity that any modern stadium has air conditioning all the great design features and an interesting technology that’s been incorporated into the design I think is gonna have a huge impact in terms of our brand in terms of what people how they feel about Cardinal football.

Work commenced on this one hundred and sixty-five acre West Valley site in July of 2003 which design-build or hut construction group. At the helm the owner Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority and primary tenant, the Arizona Cardinals would be in good hands. Steady hands. On. The nation’s number one sports facility builder went about its business of building a landmark. It’s proof that you can. Bring together high design sports architecture an aggressive budget. Dual ownership

Put it all in one place put it all under the hunt umbrella and we can deliver on time and on the budget without a doubt Cardinal Stadium is the new benchmark in stadium design and construction.

This bold and innovative venue has the size and capacity of a major outdoor stadium with the features and functionality of an arena. It truly is one of a kind

The retractable roof panels open and close on an incline. First the roll outfield retractable roof combo.

First, these two key features give the Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority a multi-dimensional facility that offers a total of sixty-three thousand five hundred fixed seats with a mega event capacity of seventy-two thousand eight hundred seats featuring events include all cardinals NFL home games the Fiesta Bowl the 2008 Super Bowl and the BCBS championship game. The stadium was designed to hold the NCAA Final Four dirt floor events such as a voter across and monster trucks plus concerts and trade shows among other things.

These aren’t construction techniques that you just pick up off the shelf. This had never been done before.

Somebody had to manage that work and deliver on that promise and put it site work included a stadium building footprint of twenty-five acres. Eight hundred and sixty thousand cubic yards of dirt was moved approximately one hundred thousand cubic yards of concrete was caught and that’s inside that structure. Four main super columns support the Brunell trusses. There’s 11000 tons of rebar on six levels

This super structures aesthetics were designed by Peter Eisenman of New York City designer h. Okay. Kansas City was in charge of functionality and structure designer pentagram. Also out of New York handled suite interiors and graphics and MP engineers out of Denver was in charge of mechanical electrical plumbing.

The shape of the stadium a barrel cactus wrapped by a snake was the vision of Peter Rice.

The stadium was voted already one of the 10 best stadiums in the world by BusinessWeek magazine before it even opened so it clearly strikes a chord with Mr. everybody.

The process for building a stadium it was always a racetrack and a doughnut to move around the building when you constructed but because of the familiarity, I’ve seen very different approaches taken to a building where you work on four sides of the building you work on two sides go vertically and then work on other aspects.

In today’s times as an organization has really been able to think in different ways about the unique roll-out natural grass playing field is contained in a single tray that weighs eighteen point nine million pounds.

It’s two hundred and thirty-four feet wide and four hundred and three feet long rolled in on game days. The field will offer the preferred natural grass plains surface rolled out for the remaining three hundred and fifty days of the year.

The field will receive sunlight and water. The field tray is powered by electronic motors mounted on steel wheels. Writing on steel tracks similar to railroad technology the tracks are embedded in the concrete stadium floor. The field rolls in or out of the stadium in just one hour. The retractable roof is another construction milestone. The two large retractable panels open and close on an arch. The panels are made of bird air fabric allowing light to penetrate a closed roof offering an open airfield. Also when closed the retractable roof allows for an air-conditioned environment maximizing comfort in this state of the art facility. When opening the stadium takes advantage of Arizona’s famous sunshine bonus during fall and winter season football games or design-build or hot Construction Group Executive Vice President Bob ales wear the all-important subcontractors and the three thousand men and women who stepped it up and met the challenge. This is a build out to be extremely proud of. It’s worth saying again it’s the first of its kind in North America 80 percent of this project is Arizona based. Subcontractors

And from the big ones to the small ones.

They’ve been terrific and impressive building comes with some impressive numbers. Thirty-six months of construction approximately six hundred skilled tradesmen and women each day. Ten thousand metal panels on the exterior skin each one three inches thick tongue and groove assembly twenty-one glazed slots in the skin to allow for additional natural light and a view to the outside to Brunel trusses each weighing seventeen hundred tons. Seven hundred feet long and eighty-seven feet tall the trusses, of course, support the retractable roof. The fifty-six hundred ton roof lift is the heaviest ever roof lift in North America eight hydraulic jacks each with fifty-four cables inside were used to raise the roof. One hundred and thirty feet the lift took four days and ranks as one of the top construction feats in the world in 0 5. There are 700 sports lights 1 million lots of lighting. Altogether eight thousand tons of air conditioning. The South End scoreboard measures were twenty-seven feet high and ninety-six feet long. The North scoreboard is twenty-two by 40. The sideline scoreboards are three hundred feet long all with twenty-three mm pixel spacing or HD ready.

There are six hundred and fifty HDTV is installed in the building. Many located at the thirty-seven concession stand and six club level bars

The sound system can produce three hundred and ten thousand.

What’s that sound with ten line array speakers built by Meyer Sound in California the Central Kitchen is six thousand square feet with an eleven thousand square foot commissary. How to move the masses. Try 10 public elevators and escalators plus walking ramps and stairs to large freight elevators will help transport material and supplies to all six levels.

There are twenty-two hundred plumbing fixtures in the stadium. Every seat in the House has a good seat with a vertical design aimed at bringing the fan closer to the action. There’s also eighty-eight luxury locks thirty-two on the club level and fifty-six on this week level. There are fourteen thousand surface loft parking spaces and a unique outside feature aptly named Sportsman’s Park.

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