• What is SPORTHQTV?

SPORTHQTV is a sports magazines site. Where sports is written about, almost all types of sports are discussed here. One of the features of this is live play is shown here.

  • Why use the SPORTHQTV?

The most important reason to use it is that most of the time we live outside the house where live TV channels can not be enjoyed. This service is very important to solve these problems. Not only sports, it can be used by all types of TV channels such as news, entertainment, movies etc. through online mobile or desktop or laptop. However, it is useful to almost all types of operating systems. Considering these aspects, it is actually important. There is also the opportunity to read the full free sports news.

  • How do I contact you?

There are many easy ways to contact us, such as through social media. Or you can subscribe directly to us by submitting your statement at our support form. You can also e-mail, E-mail: support@sporthqtv.com

  • How do I Pay ?

We have premium service to show the game. In this case, the payment methods are PayPal, Master Card, Visa Card etc. However, there is no need to make payment in case of free live stream, only card number may be required for verification.

  • What is your policy on refunds?

Premium Live Streaming Service has refund facility. In this case, the service must be communicated within seven days. Over seven days, the refund facility will not be available

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