Green Bay Packers Unique Relationship with Their Fans

From Madison Milwaukee. Ashland Beloit from Cameron new galleries Stockholm. And Troy from the end of August in a blaze of head high called

Superior’s tundra. A crystal cold February morning. When it was eight degrees. Three degrees. And 13 below. In the breath from eighty thousand. Went up like a single cloud of smoke. When miles away. It must have looked like the city was on fire. Tonight. A street burning. And Ridge Road. Lombardi Avenue ablaze in flames. Of green and gold.

Welcome to Lambeau Field in Green Bay as the Green Bay Packers renew their rivalry with the Chicago Bears. Here’s a run-up. Kickoff by Connor Barnes. Come on

Follow me right around the corner here. Don’t mind my dog she won’t take too big of a bite out here. This is my favorite room on the planet. This is my Pachter getaway. It needs to be bigger but this is what I’ve got. This is the jersey I wore when I was about 11 years old I never took it off. It kind of gets a little dirty my mom would wash it and she would wash it hang it on the line before it was dry I’d put it back on because I wanted it to have my Bart Starr jersey. This is my little section of Lambeau Field that I have. This is actual turf grass from Lambeau Field and I’m very very proud of it. There are not many people that have actual Lambeau Field growing in their yard. I had a few things going on and I went to the doctor and I told them what has happened. He did some tests and he sat back down and he said Frank you have prostate cancer and it’s not good. Hit me pretty hard to be very honest with you. And they found out it was stage four. I delayed my surgery because the doctor had set up for a Monday. I had a game on Sunday. I said Well I’m not going to do it then I’m not going to go with surgery I got a game to go to. I’m not going to miss this. I contacted my doctor and his kind of was astounded but changed my appointment to another time another week and I went to the game had a good time I went to the hospital and my prostate out. Everything’s good. It really bothered me that I was gonna miss a game so I had to postpone it. Here’s the snap. Rodgers. Looking

The importance of the Green Bay Packers to this city into that and I’ll see the state of Wisconsin is huge. You have to understand that the owners are the people they own the team. You know we don’t have an owner. We have. The fans there. They’re the owners. I mean when I got drafted. I remember I moved into my little duplex right around the corner from Lambeau Field and I remember people knocked on my door and gave me cookies and I’m just not accustomed to walking. We just weren’t welcome to the neighborhood. Something like this is poison. I’m from Los Angeles if you just make cookies for you for somebody you know just like like what they call their show. Andy Griffith Sure. I mean we’ll take one of those things you know people knew. You could smell brats being could you just smell a bone air. You know is a home game right. Aaron t-shirts tell people God they’re gone.

All right. Here’s the snap. It’s on Sunday. It’s up for grabs in the

I’ve never seen anything quite like that whatsoever. Green Bay Football eating 14 nothing. I’ve been a season ticket holders since nineteen. Fifty-seven. When this stadium. Outside my

The door here was built. My dad says you better go down and. Buy yourself some of the season tickets so my boyfriend at the time. And I went down and we bought the tickets. But. He had the tickets in his name so I had to marry him because

I would lose the season ticket. I fell love with  Green Bay Packers.

When I started bowling with Jackie niche. Whose husband. Ray Nicky

Who was the Packer player? I asked her I says if I could get his autograph

Oh, she says just give him a call on the phone. So I did I got a phone number and I called him and he answered the phone and I said what I wanted. He says oh this afternoon I’m going to be over at the. Baron whatever awful night a street. We went over there and sure enough there he was. He took his Super Bowl ring off and he. Tossed it to my 7-year-old son and. He caught it

Luckily he caught it. This is. Kind of the way the players are with the

Community. Jones the tailback Rick Koski to fullback Doc Jones up the middle. 2010. I think. Green Bay. The Lambeau Leap you score a touchdown as a Green Bay Packer and Lambeau Field

You get to run and jump into the stands and be amongst the greatest fans literally jumping in their arms after scoring a touchdown. You can’t beat that. The ball goes to his hands. That’s


Fortunately my rookie year I was able to scoop up a funnel and I got to do the land. Believe me

It was unlike any experience I’ve ever had. Man. Oh, it’s always great to see you, buddy. An athlete. My love for anime and manga is

Very unique. Spencer. Is an avid Dragonball fan as myself. And. He does these fence paintings every year. Tear myself drawn across the street from Lambeau. It’s probably one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen. Everybody sees it. When they drive past the stadium. Everybody sees it. When they come for the Games to be able to display our love for dragon ball like that.

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