History is built, Afghans. Imran Khan’s congratulations

There are such successes in the history of Test cricket and the two countries only. The Afghan cricket team, which won the second Test match, won the match after the Afghan cricket team. England and Pakistan won their second Test match to win. However, Australia won the first match of Test cricket, they were the first to be named as. Pakistan’s legendary cricketer and country’s current Prime Minister Imran Khan congratulated the Afghan cricket team for standing in front of Pakistan in an unforgettable record of success.

Congratulations to Afghanistan, Imran Khan wrote, “Congratulations to the Afghanistan team for winning the first Test match. Afghan cricketers have shown incredible success in such a short time in international cricket. ‘In a message to the official Twitter account on its incredible success.

In addition to English, Pashtu and Urdu also tweeted the same message by the Pakistani Prime Minister. On the same time congratulating the Afghans, Imran Khan made three tweets.

Afghanistan’s cricket team defeated Ireland by seven wickets on the fourth day of the second match of their second Test match on Monday. The Deccan Stadium in India’s Afghans cricket team’s home venue, India’s Dehra Dun Stadium.

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