Iowa Falls to Baylor in Elite Eight – 2019 NCAA Women’s Tournament

Lead the Hawkeyes somewhere they hadn’t been in some

Twenty-six years. That is to end beyond the Elite Eight taken on top seed Baylor in the Greensboro regional Baylor has a couple of bigs that can match up Killarney Brown Lauren Cox download Gustafson early. Trying to find the position and she does as Iowa gets on the board first but Baylor answers look at Brown down low despite double coverage Baylor had fifty-two points in the paint Kathleen Daly Doyle comes up with a steal stroll and score we are tied at Eleven. Baylor takes control and never looks back Lauren Cox what a player twenty-two points eleven rips, Baylor, up to a dozen and not done now up twenty-one early in the second half. COX kicks to Chloe Jackson and just everything going the Bears way up by twenty three silver lining for Gustafson in an otherwise dismal night this bucket putting her over 1000 points on the season just the fourth player ever to do so in women’s basketball but not nearly enough as Baylor wins eighty-five fifty-three ending Iowa’s season at twenty-nine and seven Gustafson finish with twenty three and nine just one rebound shy of a record-setting Thirty fourth double-double she did have nine field goals shot fifty-three percent from the floor the rest of the Hawks just twenty-three percent and Baylor plus one to one on the glass this clearly not the night that Iowa had dreamed of

Lisa Marie Bluder is the head coach for the Iowa Hawkeyes women’s basketball program: I’m going to try not to remember this game to me. I’m going to remember cutting down the nets with these guys after winning the Big Ten Championship. I remember tonight is resolve coming back. I’m in remember Hannah Stewart’s journey. I’m in remember getting the opportunity to coach one of the best basketball players in America and Meghan and that’s what. I’m gonna remember about this season. I’m to remember the relationships and just the great memories with these young ladies. So I’m very very fortunate and very very blessed to coach you know I just try to do a job here at Iowa and just try to work hard every single day. You know God just blessed me with an amazing ability to play basketball. I’m so so blessed and thankful that you know really by what shows me that I chose them to play for them.

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