Mel Kiper Jr. Latest Big Board – Top 25 Prospects In 2019 NFL Draft

The male keeper just put out his top 25 prospects an updated version. So let’s take a look here at who we had at the top of the NFL draft and outside men. My own opinions as well. Number one I’m on board with this. Nick Bowser leads the way. Quinn and Williams have been a stud for Alabama not going to argue too much there greedy Williams Justin Herbert Devin white all fantastic prospects. Justin Herbert is a guy to take note up here because. He might not declare there is a significant amount of buzz coming out of Eugene that Herbert’s going to come back to Oregon for one more year play with his little brother and then go pro the year after that. Now he still has flaws and areas to improve but in a rather down a quarterback draft class. I think Herbert’s the best guy and if he doesn’t come out I’m sorry Giants fans. It is not a very promising quarterback crop at all. So do you think Herbert would declare for the NFL draft Type 1 for yes and type 2 4 No More top 10 prospects here Devin Busch Believe it or not checks in here at number six. I was rather surprised by that. I like Bush quite a bit. I do like Mack Wilson more I think he could be a first-round pick but top 10 frankly was surprising for even I think Devin Bush is the perfect type of linebacker for today’s NFL.

He fits very well yes he’s undersized but he’s fast has great production again I’m a big mack Wilson guy. I liked him and Bush quite a bit but six I thought was a little bit high quite frankly and I warned two guys by the way on number seven here at Oliver I warned you he’s going to slide a little bit because teams are gonna be concerned about how he fits outside of a four-three scheme. I’m not going to overthink it. He’s gonna be a top five guy for me. Put him in a four-three scheme. Let him wreak havoc. He is going to be stuck in the NFL I’m not worried about the size concerns. I love at Oliver seven I think is a little bit too low for Sean Garrett was at eight Josh Allen was at number nine Andrew Baker was number 10 and into the top of relevant 15, I should say Jonah Williams I like him quite a bit. Derek Brown Jeffrey Simmons has some off the field stuff now they Thompson is that rare true single-high free safety Greg Little I think is a little bit raw but he has all the traits that you want as a franchise left tackle folks today show is brought to you by a bet yes I’d love to chat sports dot com slash bet and use promo code live one twenty four a hundred and twenty percent deposit bonus put down fifty bucks they’ll give you sixty for free if you use promo code live one twenty at chat sportscar slash bet you’re playing with house money with the best promo deal out there for Internet sportsbooks.

All right some other guys through the cracks. Male keepers Top 25 list. I warned you guys on Yucaipa like there he is number 16. I think he’s a 3 4 outside linebacker in the NFL. He’s gonna be a dick Beasley type guy. Ryan Burns, I think a similar guy a little bit undersized terms of weight and body mass but hits the way. He’ll be OK. Daniel Jones. There is the other only other quarterback on this list. I’m not quite as sold on Daniel Jones here but he did learn from David Kock list but we’ll see if anyone went the high school. Farrell I was surprised was at 19. I get. Testing is gonna be important for him and I get that polite and burns or maybe better freak athletes than a Farrell is but he’s put up great production at Clemson. I think he’s gonna be a top 15 top 10 guy 19 is not that low on him but I was a little bit surprised had him so low given that before this hyperactive at number six a little bit more where I think he should be ranked. All right five more guys to take a look at here some names maybe you don’t recognize.

All right how about the kid from Old Dominion O’Shane Zimmet says maybe a song against Virginia Tech. But this is that small school guy that is an absolute stud. Jalen Ferguson fits a similar mold there for three defensive ends. I could see him getting some Marcus Davenport time cops coming out Dexter Lawrence. I know he’s not the best passenger but I love my big men who weigh three 4 43 50 that can penetrate a little bit Marcie’s Brown size is a big concern there but the dude can fly absolute speedster. I’m a big Byron Murphy guy to the great size I think on the outside gonna be better in his zone but maybe not quite a Marcus Peters type but I think he’ll be a very good NFL player. I actually might have even a little bit higher. Those were Mo capers top 25 guys so folks let me know in the comments section. Who do you think will be the number one overall pick in the 20 19 NFL draft. Will it be a nick Bozo. Will Herber go pro and a team takes him at number 1 overall.

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