New York Giants Giants Rumors- Trade For Josh Rosen, Plus New York Giants

Welcome To Sporthqtv. Today we’re going to talk about the New York Giants some of the rumors and news around Big Blue. Let’s get started with a big breaking news story that happened recently. And that is the New York Giants signing wide receiver Sterling Shepard the 2016 second round pick to a four year forty one million dollar extension with twenty one point three of that salary guaranteed the twenty five year old wide receiver from Oklahoma once coveted as a bona fide slot wide receiver and he is the Giants have made him the highest paid slot wide receiver in the entire NFL 28 amongst all wide receivers in the NFL. Coming off a season in which you caught 66 passes for eight hundred seventy-two yards and four touchdowns making in the highest paid flower wide receiver in the entire league has left a lot of people buzzing and wondering what exactly is Dave Gettleman doing. Look it wasn’t too long ago that they got rid of star wide receiver Odell Beckham Junior for a couple of draft picks and Djibril peppers from the Cleveland Browns.

Sterling Shepard watching him. Specifically, with the New York Giants and during his time in Oklahoma he is a guy with a pass-catching machine when the ball is in his catch radius he comes down with it but he hasn’t really flourished into that wide receiver that the Giants hoped he would have been coming out of Norman Oklahoma. The one thing that is questionable about Sterling Shepard is his durability. He has missed a couple of games in his career but he is still a young wide receiver 25 years old and what is very interesting is that the New England Patriots Bill Belichick and company were calling the New York Giants and they wanted to get their hands on this wide receiver and this. And if there’s one thing we do know about the Patriots is when they’re interested in your guys that means you shouldn’t get rid of a. Look the Patriots have built a dynasty. It’s not even a dynasty we’re going on 20 years of dominance up in New England. And one thing that they’ve done and they’ve been very successful with is they go after players that they by law and they go after your players are you wasted high draft picks and you kind of want to cut the cord on. So the fact that the Patriots were interested should be a little promising for New York Giants fans.

The one thing was certainly Sheppard is he has a slot wide receiver the majority of his routes come out of the slot position and the Giants just went out and free agency and they signed wide receiver Golden Tate the big wide receiver signing for the New York Giants another slot wide receiver look both Golden Tate and Sterling Shepard are solid weapons on the inside of the offense but they are both slot wide receivers. It is interesting to see what the Giants are going to do this offseason look. Eli Manning is a shot fighter. I’ve watched Eli Manning his whole career. I myself am a Giants fan. The guy is shot. He’s a shot fighter. He should have been out the league by now. He cannot build the ball 25 yards downfield that’s one of the reasons why Odell Beckham Junior was so frustrated with his play here. Golden Tate signed for four years thirty-seven point five million dollars 23 million guaranteed. He’s coming off a season in which he caught seventy-four passes for almost eight hundred yards and four touchdowns for two different teams starting with the lions got traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. He is a carbon copy of Sterling Shepard. Both of these guys do exactly the same thing.

Now Golden Tate has been in the league longer and he’s been more productive but Sterling Shepard is exactly the kind of wide receiver that Golden State is. So now you have two guys you’re paying roughly nine million dollars per season that run out of the slot position. So it’s gonna be interesting to see what the Giants do. My question to you guys is how do you guys feel about the Giants have two of the same kind of wide receiver on their team. Leave some comments below. It does seem like the Giants need a threat on the outside but now they have two guys that line up in the slot and they have a tight end and Evan Ingram that they’re really high on. With that being said let’s send way over to Los Vegas one of my favorite places in the entire world. And let’s talk about the Giants win total every single season. Las Vegas Nevada comes out with odds and the number of wins that they’re projecting your respective franchise to have. Look Vegas has no bias. Folks they want to win money. They have no favorite teams. They have no alliance help in two years from now we’ll have a team but they don’t even have a team in Las Vegas.

The Oakland Raiders will be there soon. With that being said according to C.T. technology the Giants win total is projected to be six wins this year plus one-tenth of the older meaning one hundred dollars would win you one hundred and ten dollars and the favorite is the under six winds at minus 130 hundred and thirty dollars wins you 100. The Giants won five games in 2018 and they currently hold the sixth pick in the NFL draft but eight of those games were decided by one position. Those are essentially a coin flip game according to Vegas experts. Those games don’t always turn out the way they did. Look the Giants lost eight of those games by one possession and you never know if the ball bounces right. You’re looking at a team that could potentially have won nine maybe 10 games. So it is a very interesting number. They are not projecting the Giants to be a playoff team this year. But. With the Giants being relatively close in a lot of these games it’s going to be interesting to see how they come out firing in 2019. Here is a list of the odds for the remaining NFC East teams starting with the favorite the Philadelphia Eagles coming in at plus 1 10 to win the NFC East.

Then we got the Dallas Cowboys plus 140 the second favorite to win the NFC East and they’ve got two long shots and the Washington Redskins at 10 to 1 odds and the New York Giants dead last as far as art goes in the NFC East to win it at plus fifteen hundred meaning 15 to 1.

Look we still have the draft to go through in a couple of free are still having fun. But let me know if you guys got one in the NFC East. After the NFC East, there are the odds for the Super Bowl and the New York Giants currently have the 13th. They are the 13th favorite to win the NFC at plus. 50 to 1 odds meaning one dollar winning fifty dollars.

And they do have the last play schedule that they’ll benefit from. But they are also one hundred and twenty-five to 1 to win the Super Bowl this year in lovely South Beach. That’s where the Super Bowl is going to be. So Vegas is not really that high on the New York Giants and their potential to make noises here. Look they have a relatively low in total and they also are a huge huge longshot at the division and to win their conference and to win the Super Bowl. So before we get to the regular season we still have the NFL draft and the Giants hold the number six pick in the NFL draft and there are a couple of options that the Giants have and I would like to get some feedback from you guys the audience let me know what you guys think the guys should do. My personal opinion and what I think the johns should do at number six is draft linebacker the Butkus Award winner from LSU. Devin white look the Giants. All the years watching the Giants one gaping hole on their defense has been a linebacker. They haven’t had a really good linebacker that they’ve drafted and develop. Probably since Lawrence Taylor. Look it’s been that long. When they got Antonio Pierce they brought him in from free agency and that’s really the last big name linebacker that they’ve had that’s been relatively productive for them.

He is a hybrid linebacker that can line up on the outside and inside and he can watch the passer. Another option that’s been circulating and I hope this isn’t the case Dwayne Haskins the quarterback on my house state I am not a Dwayne Haskins guy. I tend to stay away from one year starters in college football and he just doesn’t do it. He comes from a University and Ohio State in which they haven’t really produced many tops of the food chain quarterbacks in the next level. And then the other popular thing that’s been floated around is maybe they move back or trade up. So what do you guys think the Giants should do should they draft Evan White the linebacker idols Elliott out at LSU should they draft Wayne Haskins out of Ohio State or should they trade out of that number six slot. Let us know below what you think the judge should do at the number six position. Not only do the New York Giants have the number six pick in the draft after training Odell Beckham to the Cleveland Browns they acquired the number 17 selection in this year’s NFL draft and one of the names that I’m really obsessing over and I think this guy’s going to be a flat out stud is Cleland. Farrell from Clemson the defensive lineman looked last year Clemson won the national title and according to Phil Steele’s Almanac where he recaps every single thing and every single unit and the rates every single unit the Clemson defensive line was the best unit in college football he’s seen in the last decade that is high praise because Alabama has had some really really good units during the tenure where Nick Saban.

So the fact that this kid is coming out and he has a big prospect coming out of Clemson one of those defensive linemen that were raving about a love for the guys to get him at number 17. Another thing is maybe one of these quarterbacks that a lot of people don’t have. A good eye for and don’t have a strong opinion of and it’s a guy in drew like from Missouri and also Daniel Jones from Duke Look Daniel Jones is really close to the Manning family the head coach at Duke University where he’s from is a family friend and he is a quarterback coach for the Manning family. So there are some comparisons there and they know him really well and then drew a lot coming off a monster junior year kind of disappointed a lot of people in his last year with Missouri. So those are the other options that quarterback and then another name that’s been circulating and I hope this is in a case because I think this guy is going to be a bus and the next level and I’m not ashamed to attach that label to him already and that is D.K.

Metcalf at Ole Miss. Look this guy became a viral sensation because of how Diesel he looked in the weight room and how he how great he looks without a shirt all up. Let’s face it the guy is a Greek god. He is carved out of your favorite comic book hero you know saying like his body is ridiculous and he ran a sub for three five 40 and he’s a workout machine. But the issue is I don’t even think he’s the best wide receiver from his college. There are issues with his durability and also he seems like a one trick pony looking might be phenomenal. That one trick and that just goes in deep and jump balls. But it’s not something I would want to take in the first round. That’s another name that’s a rumor to the Giants a number 17. And then my personal favorite What I would like the Giants to do at number 17 is to somewhat put a package together and get Josh Rosen from the Arizona Cardinals. Josh Rogers is the 10th pick in the 2014 NFL draft the Cardinals currently hold the number one selection in the 2019 draft and he is the prime example of a bylaw candidate. I can’t tell you how much I’ve exhausted this topic. I think teams are absolute. Crazy for not already making a move for Josh Rosen. Here’s the thing I want you guys watching at home to close your eyes how you feel about Josh Rosen right now is how you felt after the two 7 2016 season when Jared Goff was a rookie after his first season with the quarterback killer Jeff Fisher.

It was awful. Nobody was buying stock on Jared golf then the guy looked horrible he threw more interceptions I need the touchdowns just like Josh Rosen did and Josh Rosen was playing with the worst offensive line of course in the Pro Football Focus a head coach and Steve Wilks who got fired in his first season. The worst wide receiver weapons in the league. Look I’m a big Christian Kirk guy but he went down Larry Fitzgerald bonafide first ballot Hall of Famer. But he’s also on the last hole of his career and he has a bunch of guys that no one started on your fantasy team. And he had a guy in David Johnson which the Arizona Cardinals ran the most HP blast. If you play Madden runs up the middle of any team in the entire NFL. He also had the worst offensive roster as we’ve been talking about and I just think that the comparison between Josh Rosen a guy who was a big prospect coming out of college and Jared golf is the perfect comparison. And now look wouldn’t you on Jerry go up on your team right now especially the pairing with Sean McVay. I just think that if you’re an NFL team I think you have to make a move for Josh Rose and you go by law on him now look out for the New England Patriots.

They currently have six picks and the first one hundred and one picks of the NFL draft. Twelve in total. I want to be surprised by a teammate. New England cold and made a move for Josh Rosen. Hell off on the New York Giants and as a Giants fan I would love to get Joshua was in here give up maybe the 17th Baker give up one of those extra second rounds picks that you’ve gotten from Cleveland and make a move for Josh Rosen It is the ultimate Bi-Lo candidate and the biggest luxury you can have in professional sports is not having to pay your quarterback. The Cardinals have already paid about 60 percent of his salary. He’d be anywhere from a two to a three million dollar cap hit in the upcoming seasons the next three seasons. So that gives you the biggest luxury like we’ve been saying of going out and buying free agents any free agent you want. Look it’s one of the reasons why the Eagles have been good. It’s one of the reasons why the chiefs are going to be good when you don’t pay your quarterback. It is the biggest luxury and full of pro sports. With that being said Guys how do you guys feel about when Josh Rosen in and do you think the comparisons of Josh Rosen and Jared Goff are accurate.

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