Neymar’s absence Brazil will suffer

Apart from Neymar, the former world champions are going to play in a friendly match against Panama on Saturday and later in the Czech Republic. Neymar is resting on injury in January last year. However, Nichaar’s lack of effort will be to try to meet forwards Richard Richilson Neymar does not seem to have lost anything for the team, he said.

I think everyone will really miss Neymar. He is a great player. Everyone knows about their responsibility. Everyone is looking forward to giving their best. But I’m ready. Neymar is very easy to match the difficult match. He can not play due to his fitness. But we have to try to meet his absence. And thus we can give victory to the national team. This is the importance of Neymar with Richardson.

“When I got the national team for the first time, my goal was to be the highest scorer,” Richardson said. I want to score in every match. I have scored a lot of goals in club football, which I want to keep in the national team. “
In November, he made a winning goal against Cameroon in an international match.

Miranda wants to play at least 2022, till the World Cup in Qatar. Inter-manager Luciano Soberti Miranda has more confidence in Milan Skrinier and Stefan de Brize instead. Miranda does not say goodbye to the national team right now. He wants to play as long as he can play at the highest level.

34-year-old veteran defender Miranda can be seen in the match against Panama in Porto, Portugal. Although Miranda does not have much form in the Serie A team Inter Milan

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