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Jared Cook is on his way to New Orleans met with the team on Monday led the Raiders with eight hundred ninety-six receiving yards in 2018 and now Drew Brees has a brand new weapon and as you can see top five in the NFL last season in terms of all tight ends and receiving yards JJ. He visited the Colts tour’s ACL week four against the Vikings and what that meeting on March 21st. The Colts are reportedly interested in AGI. The only issue is where is he going to fit. I like Marla Mack. I like him, Hines.

I like Jordan Wilkins all solid running backs last up is. Eric. Barry and this dude don’t want. Approve it deal. He thinks that he deserves money guaranteed but Eric you played in only three games the last two years and I understand that you’re a great player but at the end of the day when you’re playing in only three games the last two years that’s not going to get it done. That means you’re probably going to have to end up getting a prove it. Deal Dez Bryant says I will be a steal to where ever I go. Bet on it now Dez is still up for grabs in NFL free agency and he did sign that deal last year for one year. But let’s remember he did not play he towards Achilles in his second practice with the New Orleans Saints. Will we ever get back to the Dez Bryant that we all know and love throwing up that X next one coming up. RG three resides with the Ravens to a two-year deal.

His main rule with the team to help Lamar Jackson grow next in my top 1 Tyree re-kill in trade talks and this is pretty interesting because the Kansas City Star reported last Friday that hill is under investigation for alleged battery involving a juvenile. Now the athletic Jay Glazer wrote on Thursday that he has heard rumblings that Hill has trade talks. Has been talked and trades and the other thing we need to consider. Hill wants to get paid when you look at last season touchdown leader at twelve and then you’re gonna look at terms of yards one thousand four hundred seventy-nine. He wants to be one of the top eight wide receivers in the NFL. But will the Chiefs be able to do it? Let’s take a look at the latest NFL draft headlines. Tyler Murray, I’m starting this one off because according to NFL media’s Kimberly Jones she said that Murray is universally believed to be the number one pick in the draft and it’s interesting because let’s remember he won the Heisman. And Baker Mayfield who won the Heisman in 2017 also was drafted first overall but Tyler’s stats much much better now if the Cardinals draft Kyla Murray. That means Josh Rosen. See you later. And good teams are interested. In Rosen and let’s not forget the Cardinals they turned up for Rosen 10th last year. Some of the teams that are interested all have veteran quarterbacks such as patriots Packers giants. I get it. He didn’t have the greatest rookie year.

But again the Cardinals not a lot of talent around him. Now let’s look at the next quarterback that could be drafted after Murray because after his pro day at Ohio State Dwayne Haskins absolutely shined. And now there are reports that the Giants and Redskins could trade up for Dwayne Haskins because he said it himself. I’m the best player in this draft 50 touchdowns and interceptions probably could win the Heisman and a lot of other year’s best defensive line class ever. People are talking now there are at least eight edge rushers who could be the first-round potential just to name a few. Nick boasts of Brian Byrnes Josh Allen Montez sweat and even Jalen Ferguson. let’s not forget about the defensive tackles Quinn and Williams at Oliver Chris Wilkins. All could be first rounders with such a great line glass the forty-niners they’ve been blessed because now they can go just about any way that they want to. John Lynch came out and said that they’re going to go with the best player available in the 20 19 drafts when I look at the best players in this draft. The 49ers could go with Quinn and Williams that could go Nick Bowser that could go Devin White Josh Allen at all over. It’s absolutely stacked on that defensive line. Last up will Greer meeting with the Patriots because the dude had a great pro day Tom Brady 41 years old not getting any younger. Goodwill Greer is the replacement for Brady. Only time will tell.

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