NFL Mock Draft 1st Round 2019:Updated with Giants Trade

The Arizona Cardinals select column Murray quarterback from Oklahoma. Heisman Trophy winner gives Kliff Kingsbury his preferred QB one to run his new system in the desert. I think he’s gonna work out great now and get to find somewhere to send Josh Rosen to San Francisco 49ers select Quintin Williams from Alabama inside presence with the team with D 4. Give them a nice one-two punch something that they haven’t had since they had all Adam Smith and Justin Smith man and the Tobias on the inside. The New York Jets at three very extended because Nick Bowser is sitting right there for edge rusher outstanding technician Great pass rushing skills Gregg Williams a kind of Dallas up get him ready to hunt after quarterbacks could be a terror in the AFC East for the open Raiders select Josh Allen Ed rusher from Kentucky his speed and sack production makes him the right fit and a Raiders defense that is looking to bounce back from a disappointing year at five the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Devin white linebacker from LSU sideline to sideline playmaker perfect fit in Todd Bowles aggressive defense at 6 the New York Giants to the surprise of many it takes a shine Gary edge rusher from Michigan athletic freak does a great job of getting to the quarterback size strength freakish combination he is the new monster on the front line for the New York Giants at 7 the Jacksonville Jaguars select Joulwan Taylor offensive tackle from Florida he’ll give the Jaguars a rugged edge blocker they helped him get back to the run heavy groups at a Detroit Lions select mantis sweat edge Russia from Mississippi State long Reggie Pash Russia to go opposite Trey flowers I like that dynamic duo from Matt Patricia at 9 the Buffalo Bills select Andre Dillard offensive tackle from Washington state protecting Josh Allen is priority number one he is a guy that can slide in and right tackle and be a day 1 starter I think that’s a nice pick for the Buffalo Bills at the Denver Broncos select TJ.

Hopkinson tied in from Iowa it’s hard to find traditional why tight end guys that can kind of do it all at the position but he’s an outstanding blocker. Great pass which also saw that route runner he is what John Elway has been looking for someone that can control the middle of the field. At eleven the Cincinnati Bengals select Devin Busch linebacker for Michigan to look they need to add more speed and quickness to the linebacker corps to compete with some of these explosive offices in the division Bush gives them a guy that can hit running cover at the second level. At twelve the Green Bay Packers select no offense.

The tight end from Iowa Aaron Rodgers needs more weapons on the outside this playmaking tight end is certainly a guy that can do it flex flextime increase mismatches exactly what Rodgers needs in the lineup. 13 Miami Dolphins select Dwayne Haskins quarterback from Ohio State new general manager Chris Froome might have to wait, Haskins, long term potential against a twenty twenty quarterback class but I think he will like the Ohio State Product big classic strong on a throw or a plus on talent I think he’s the selection for the dolphins. At 14 Jonah Williams goes to the Atlanta Falcons look rugged edge blocker may kick inside the play guard but you have to like the Alabama product he’s a solid starter one that could play for a long time in the National Football League. 15 The Washington Redskins Makis Brown from Oklahoma arguably the best deep threat to draft speedster exceptional quickness and burst he can take it to the house in a variety of ways he is what they need on the outside somewhat that can stretch to feel and score touchdowns

Sixteen Carolina Panthers select Cleland Farrell edge rusher from Clemson losing Julius Peppers to retirement makes adding a pass rusher a priority. Ferrell is a straight line rusher with a knack for getting to the quarterback. At 17. The New York football Giants select Daniel Jones quarterback from Duke perfect successor to Eli Manning play for his coach and David Cunliffe has also been trained by Eli’s backup quarterback in college I think David Gettleman sees the similarities says Daniel Jones is the next franchise quarterback for the team at 18. The Minnesota Vikings select it Oliver defensive tackle from Houston the loss of Sheldon Richardson leaves a void in the middle it Oliver it can do it all three explosive playmakers from Houston at 19. Tennessee Titans select Irv Smith Junior at tight end from Alabama. It may be time for the Titans to find a successor to Delaney Walker. I think Earl Smith is dead guy big-time playmaker at the tight end position at 20. The Pittsburgh Steelers select Byron Murphy cornerback for a watch they are looking for solid started to play opposite Joe Haden high IQ terrific technician by Murphy is exactly the guy that can fill that void at twenty-one. The Seattle Seahawks select Jalen Ferguson edge rusher from Louisiana Tech. The FBI s all top sect leader would be a nice compliment or a successor to Frank Clark on the is. At 22.

The Baltimore Ravens select VK Metcalf. Ole Miss. Wide Receiver. Look I know the Baltimore Ravens have struggled find in past catches the decay. Metcalf could be the right guy stressed to feel big play threat. He is the perfect guy to pair up with a ma Jackson in a retooled offense at twenty-three. The Houston Texans select greedy Williams quarterback from LSU explosive athlete outstanding press man skills and could be a turnover machine on the island. I think he’s a nice fit and from your Cornell’s defense at twenty. The Oakland Raiders select Drew Lock quarterback from Missouri Drew to head a love affair with Drew Lock at the Senior Bowl. I think he continues. He is the new heir apparent to Derek Carr. He is the face of a franchise going forward at twenty-five. The Philadelphia Eagles select Josh Jacobs running back from Alabama. The Eagles need more balance on their offense. They need a dynamic running back. Josh Jacobs is the most explosive runner in this class. He can grind it out between the tackles but also gives them a little playmaking ability in the passing game. At 26 Jonathan Abrams safety from Mississippi State he’s an enforcer between the hashes does a great job of coming downhill and controlling the middle is an effective tackler in the box. He is a nice complement to Molly Kuchar in the middle of the field.

At twenty-seven. The Oakland Raiders select Brock sin quarterback from Temple Mike May God loves corners with great feet and tough guy personas. You won’t find one better than Brock. You sit at 28 the L.A. Chargers select Dexter Lawrence defensive tackle from Clemson is a void in the middle giving the poor leeches. Free agent status. Maybe Dexter Morris is a target big space eater creates opportunities for the linebackers to run and chase at twenty-nine. They see the Chiefs select the Andre Baker quarterback from Georgia Jim Thorpe Award winner has ball skills instincts and the courage to make a ton of plays in the back end at 30. The Green Bay Packers select AJ Brown wide receiver from Ole Miss brought runners with size ball skills and sticky hands are coveted at a premium. Aaron Rodgers is looking for more weapons. AJ Brown is a terrific playmaker in the middle of the field. At 31. The L.A. Rams select Garrett Bradbury center for N.C. State High IQ outstanding athleticism. He is a guy who should be a day 1 starter. He could be a 10 year player in the middle for the Rams. At 32 the New England Patriots select Christian Wilkins defensive tackle for Clemson versatile player Bill Belichick loves guys that can play multiple spots Wilkins play anywhere along different lines. He is a patriot I love that combination.

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