NFL Schedule: Random Rumored Leaks Are Hitting Twitter and Fans Are Freaking Out

The 2019 NFL schedule is set to be revealed on Wednesday.

But for those of you itching to get a glimpse of who your favorite team will be up against next year one Twitter account claims to have the inside scoop. The account is called an NFL release and it claims to have accurate information regarding the schedule leaks will be soon NFL schedule leaks at NFL is at least April 16th, 2019 the account claims to have also accurately leaked the schedule from last season.

If you remember us from last year our source was correct watch every game NFL schedule leaks at NFL are least April 16th, 2019. So far they’ve revealed a handful of key games including some Monday Night Football matchups such as the week one showdown between the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets at MetLife Stadium.

The Jets will be opening week one at home against the Cleveland Browns on Monday night football NFL schedule leaks at NFL release April 16th, 2019. They’ve also speculated that week one would feature a rematch of the AFC championship bout between the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football.

Week one chiefs at Patriots 820 SNF NBC NFL schedule leaks at NFL are at least April 16th, 2019. Here are some other big ones.

Week a New England at Philadelphia twenty SNF NBC NFL schedule leaks at NFL are released April 16th, 2019 Super Bowl rematch week 14 Atlanta Falcons at Houston Texans eight twenty NBC NFL schedule leaks at NFL Lara least April 16th 2019 should be a fun battle of two potent defenses while we can’t confirm the credibility of the account it was previously rumored that the Jets would be opening the season at home against the Browns so perhaps that’s the one we know to be true if you so desire head over there to see what other leaks are on the way.

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