Pittsburgh Steelers Will Be Super Bowl Contenders

Their best running back their best quarterback obviously Big Ben and their best wide receiver in that season. So starting off we’re going to start off with Big Ben otherwise known as Ben Roethlisberger has 67 percent completions in twenty eighteen he threw for five thousand one to join nine passing yards and I definitely know he was the best. When it comes to passing yards he was number one he threw for thirty-four touchdowns and he threw for 16 interceptions and it was his 15th year last year so it’s going to be there it’s going to be a 16 year in the NFL he’s been in the NFL since 2004 so that’s kind of crazy moving on to JuJu Smith or is I think that’s his name JuJu Smith I had no idea he had 111 receptions one thousand two hundred and twenty-six yard all four hundred point six yards receiving he had seven touchdowns and he had a twelve point eight average yards in receiving and finally we had the running back

James Connor who was the guy that took over for Libby on Bell after living on Bell that this whole situation where he didn’t want to play and he didn’t play all through the year so James Garner had to take over James Connor is a third-round draft pick from twenty seventeen and yet so he’s our No he basically did most of the season running game for Pittsburgh.

So James Garner had 215 attempts nine injuries only three yards twelve touchdowns and the average on rushing yards rating of nine point 0. So the Steelers were one game away from making the playoffs with the whole situation not to do it. Antonio Brown and leave you on Bell. So was I tell you guys that means the Pittsburgh Steelers mindset when it came to the team wasn’t really fully on the game. It was like half on the day it was like you might I wouldn’t even say 25 percent on the game and then 75 percent on this whole drama with Antonio Brown and living on Bell and without both of them want to leave and they want a new contract and never been like that. So I think the Pittsburgh Steelers would have had a very good chance if you know.

Well, I’m Tony Robinson played last asking until we get into an about that.

So that may have caused the game but Pittsburgh Steelers are in the mindset right now-now that a both lost Libyan Belle and Antonio Brown they’re in a mindset just like and they’re in the mindset of.

All right guys let’s return to the playoffs.

Let’s get back to the Super Bowl let’s win our seven Super Bowl and beat the Patriots for most of the Bowl titles in the NFL and with a little hold on that want.

I want to go off into a different topic. So

I want to talk about the Antonio Brown situation here. Antonio Brown, I don’t really know but like the whole situation going on by heat on undisputed Antonio Brown has called out JuJu Smith for Costin while for blaming basically blaming him on one of the games that they lost that could make could adopt him to the playoffs this past season so far Antonio Brown has blamed everybody on that Pittsburgh Steelers team Big Ben the coach Mike Tomlin. And like I said Juju. But the one person he has yet to blame is himself and that is the true person because juju has taken the blame on himself. Big Ben has taken the blame on himself. We are you know Big Ben does and Mike Tomlin has definitely done that. Everybody has a basically taking the blame for a Pittsburgh Steelers except for Antonio Brown by Antonio Brown. He’s at the Oakland Raiders and he still wants to talk about JuJu Smith when he’s on a completely different team making the most money of anyone achiever currently until Julio Jones gets this new contract but he’s making the most money currently out of any NFL wide receiver and he still wants to talk crap about the Steelers and trying to you like call our juju wonder wide receivers

Antonio Brown just needs to back off the Steelers and move on with his life. There’s nothing to do but Steelers now you’re not even on the team anymore and I feel sorry for the course at Oakland Raiders because these guys put up with this now he’s got to put up with a B Antonio Brown the guy that did all this in Pittsburgh and he knows IAB is going to add if they don’t have a winning season which by the like the Oakland Raiders won’t have a winning season because they’re not going to be good enough to win that division. But OK back to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

So the Pittsburgh Steelers I say they will have a very good shot at making the playoffs. I’m not sick. I mean they you will have a good chance of being super bowl contenders but that’s only if Ben juju and James Conner can come to this season.

Ben can do what he did last season. Dude, you can have a better second year. You know they did last year. Well, better can do good in his third year. Better they did it in the second year which was last year. And James Connor can do better in the sea in his third year Baroda and second year because of those two guys can improve on the Steelers offense with them bringing in a draft like the first round draft pick that they have which hold on a may go and right there are also the Pittsburgh Steelers have the number twenty draft pick in the draft.

And with this they need a very good tight end to take somewhat some load off of Juju Smith who is getting a lot of balls thrown at him this upcoming season and so right now the pick or mock draft pick is going to be Noah Fant the tight end from Iowa and apparently he’s the most athletic tight end in the draft and as college career stats is 70 receptions one thousand eighty-two yards 19 touchdowns and a thirteen point nine average receiving yards in a rating. So with this addition to the tight end, you like thing and when then having JJ Watt brother on the defense so I say Pittsburgh’s chances of winning the AFC North Division is a very good shot

And the one thing I really want to say is that if these are players Ben can definitely need this team to an another Super Bowl to other playoffs to another you know division title. The only problem I really had with the Steelers I think this deal has had a problem with was dealing with the whole situation with a B and leaving on Bill. But now this whole situation is gone. The Steelers can finally move on. And. Yeah, their division has gotten a lot tougher with Lamar Jackson and then Baker Mayfield and the whole Cleveland Browns like LBJ being. But I think the Steelers will win the AFC North division this year.

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