NFL Draft 2019: UNC-Charlotte G Nate Davis visiting the Washington Redskins today

The Redskins have been bringing a lot of offensive linemen in for pre-draft visits and we’ve got another one coming in today

Charlotte UNSCOM Nate Davis has been getting a lot of attention in the run-up to the draft visiting multiple teams he played right guard and right tackle in college Davis was suspended for four games last season for undisclosed NC Doubleday violations Redskins need a starter and depth on the offensive line this year and there is plenty of talent available in the first few rounds left guard is so wide open. Washington is considering working former first-round bust Eric flowers there. The Redskins have also dealt with a ridiculous amount of injuries to their starters and backups over the last two seasons and need more young talent developing so they are not forced to start guys signed off the street more pre-draft visits today asterisk y OLB Jilani today visited the. One to watch now that shoulder his healthy asterisk Baylor W.R. Jalen hurt Wyoming Tate Tyree Mayfield and N.M. St l beat Terrell Hanks are visiting them he’s from Ashburn FBA and his NFL comparison is Sean Lavelle NFL draft profile strengths wide Vick boned frame Kerry’s desired mass and muscular Asian tremendous bend in hips knees and ankles allow him to drop low in his stance smooth easy gait leading the way on pull blocks agility and body control to locate time up and wipe out targets on the move strengthen movement skills pair with any run scheme generates far on contact regardless of approach angle drives with wide base creating movement on pin blocks adequate timing on work up blocks to linebackers feet stay active and choppy and pass at slide to mirror resembles a basketball player impressive foot quickness to stay in front of edge rushers when forced into tackle to a reactive ability to recover and sustain against Rush counters weaknesses falls a shade below NFL size average for starting guards can get big boy it on occasion against Phil Russia is looking to push the pocket needs greater urgency to step and help secure leaky edges and pass pro evaluators have voiced concerns of lack of arm length frenetic coming out of his stance and.

Getting into his blocks needs to fight the urge to pop up tall out of stance losing some natural leverage at the point of attack needs more consistency and hand placement to improve block sustain will drop head into contact and allow weight to drift too far.

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