Ronaldo is returning to Riyal, what is Zidan thinking?

Zinedine Zidane took over as Real Madrid coach after the speculation. Cristiano Ronaldo can return to his nine-year-old club in Zimbabwe’s way, after he returned to the old address.

In the Santiago Bernabeu, the Zidane-Ronaldo pair will get over again. Real Madrid will return to its lost golden days.

Now, Real has made a new contract with Zidane until 2022. The French coach will be able to make some changes to the team with the responsibility, and guess. The probability of returning to Ronaldo is, in spite of being questioned, the coach had won three Champions Trophy in the first period of two and a half years.

Ronaldo is now the club’s best player, Juventus. Zidane said that he is not thinking about returning to the Baron d’Or victory in the five-match series, but he did not completely blow the prospect.

After taking responsibility for the second term, the real coach’s tactful reply to Ronaldo, ‘This is not the issue today. We have to play 11 matches, it will be visible in the next year. We all know, Cristiano is the best player in this club’s history. “

Zidane adds, ‘But today we will not talk about this. I still did not think anything about it. The most important is to return to the club and I am just thinking about this 11 matches. Later we will have time to see. We will keep appropriate people in the planning for the coming season. “

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