Seven Round Oakland Raiders NFL Mock Draft 2019

We’re gonna go and draft order eventually gonna get through all these so I apologize for the wait for some of those fan bases out there but the Raiders gonna have an interesting draft. They got three first round picks you to expect maybe some movement no trades in these though but basically, this is an A grade mock draft that is realistic in my opinion here. So raiders who we’re gonna take we’ll find out a second first. But the first pick for the Raiders picking fourth overall. I got them taking Josh Allen you know pretty firm on this one and that’s something crazy happened. Maybe something trades up for a quarterback another quarterback we expect when we go 1 maybe expect Nick Bozak went at 2 and I expect Clint Williams guy to 3 but maybe Clint Williams will be there. Maybe that’s their pick. Who knows but Josh Allen as treasurer in Kentucky I like him a lot. You know some people just say he’s a speed rusher I think that’s very that’s false. You know he’s pretty good in the run. He’s pretty darn good in the run game too could work out a little bit but fair thing about Josh Allen.

You know besides the pass rush ability is he can drop back in coverage. He’s very athletic and he can drop back into coverage and cover you know a lot of guys in the flats. We’ve seen what I see him cover guys you know over 10 yards downfield 15 yards downfield. So that’s what stands about Josh now and I think you play multiple positions. The Raiders would like to have Matt for all they could trade back but in this scenario, I liked like I’m taking Josh out. You know no brainer here in my opinion with their second first-round pick. I’m taking Byron Murphy corner from Washington they definitely to Cornell. They filled some needs out in free agency not that they don’t need those needs any more but they need a corner you know a buyer Murphy is a guy that I think they’ll just like you know I think Mark will like Murphy a lot. You know he’s a technician of the group you know greedy Williams is the flashy one. You know he’s got the highest potential needs to work on some things though. You know Byron Murphy is the one that’s more pro ready. You know he’s. Yeah like I said his technique is right there in the Andre Baker’s more the shutdown guy. But can he play and man against some speedy receivers citing no just like Murphy. That’s just my feeling here. So I have been taking him with their second first round pick which is 24 overall 27 overall.

I’m taking no offense. You know I’m kind of back and forth. Where’s he going to go. Like he can go in the teens he can go back. Here’s a great a draft this is realistic. So I’m thinking no offense. Nothing on Cook yet. He might go sign with the Saints so no offense. They could use they will like for their offense. Definitely a weapon you know the receiver is no longer a huge need for them. You know for a receiver I think it’s either they go big or they go home they get a top-notch guy here in the first round or they go home because they have plenty of depth. You know they got obvious three top guys they got 18 from last year too. So I mean there’s really no point to go get depth guys. So it’s first round or nothing in my opinion or somebody drops to you winning the second or third somebody ridiculous maybe. But no offense can also help in the receiver gas receiver really a slot receiver but you can put he’s mainly a tight end too. So a bunch needs here. That’s the first three picks in the first round to be really fun for Raiders fans in that first round I’m really excited for them. Second round I am taking Mack Wilson from Alabama linebacker Duffy need a day one starter at linebacker and they’re kind of in weird spots in the first round where you know how it’s actually looking like four might not be too early for Devin white.

It’s a possibility but in my opinion, maybe a few picks. It’s certainly not early it’s just what Josh Allen on the board you know and he’s more of a pass rusher and then they pick and then they’re too far after the Devin Bush range. I think Devin Bush is pretty much I mean he’s got to be a lock before the pick 24. I think you know I think 20 pries the latest Devin Bush goes you can go as high as the Broncos up there possibly at 10. So so they’re kind of in a weird situation where this pick right here will most likely be used on a linebacker like Mack Wilson or maybe they trade back for a guy like Tavon colony Blake Cashman or Trey Lamar possibly maybe that could be a third-round guy but Mack Wells I like to fit there I think they will like him early second you know mate it’s a great a pick in this situation because maybe he’ll be gone few picks before maybe even late one so we’ll see what happens I mean I kind of have them going they need a running back pretty bad. I’m sure the Raiders fans are tired of seeing them getting mocked. Josh Jacobs, so I don’t want a different route here. You know we see teams. I mean teams don’t want to pay Tevin Coleman pretty much anything. So teams really aren’t valuing the running back position you know.

You’d rather not take the risk up here even though Josh Jacob Josh Jacobs really is the only guy I would take up here. Maybe later second round Justice Hill’s a possibility. But I have the kind of going the route where they don’t really value the running back position will just take a guy later because guys will fall back and they’ll be a pretty good one that we know can play right they compete for the sorry job right away so that’s kind of the round I won’t get a different look here for you guys next pick. A running back though they don’t have the third round picks or skipping around there and around for they tried a third-round pick for Antonio Brown obviously round for Darrell Henderson who I like a lot from Memphis. You know he reminds you a little bit of Delvin cook you know same play style he’s got very good vision he’s quick to hit the hole too. I mean he’s very shifty too you know not maybe a poor man’s Delvin cook but the little it’s a little scary. He doesn’t look very good. And I know he’ll be good in the NFL. But the scary thing is pretty much anybody. Memphis put back there because he said out of the ballgame they put Tony Tony Pollard was in this draft he’s a receiver and a running back and they put their third string guy back there in the ballgame they both ran for well over 100 yards so the holes are pretty wide open the scheme is great the blocking is great the blocking scheme I should say so there’s there are some giant holes and but that doesn’t mean he’s not going to be good in the NFL you know I think he has the traits.

Well, I think he does. So I think he’ll be good. I think it started in the Raiders will like him he’s also good in the receiving game the passing game as well. So the Raiders could wait to this range to get the running back. I think it’s pretty smart. You know you can fill out your needs early. You know the only one I would take up there like I said it’s Josh Jacob so it’s totally a possibility they can take him late first early second did a little different look here and this might this probably be the route that I would go honestly. So we’ll see what they do. Moving on through round six Eamon Marshall from USC they need another call even though I had him taking Byron Murphy they need another one. But the good thing about Marshall is also can play safety too. People think it could be a safety. He played very well under Jon Gruden at senior bowl they looked like they had a connection going to I noticed so I know like him he’s got a ton of upside needs to work on some things got a ton of upside so they get Byron Murphy the guy that’s pro-ready they get Marshall the guy they need to be worked with but he he has some upside he could potentially go fifth round so this would be a great pick here.

Moving on next pick Jonathan led better from Georgia use prior known before maybe even as high as fourth round the prior fifth maybe six pro day wasn’t all that or not to protect the combine wasn’t all that great people are looking for more of the athletic guys these days so he slides down they get Josh Allen as a pass rusher he’s the more athletic guy you get a guy you know put a hand in the dirt and rotate in and that’s like better you know they need a guy like that because their base is a 4 3 Josh Allen in art KY can play in a 4 3 3 4 but they’re kind of more that’s the speedy guys so it doesn’t need a guy like this on the end you know looking at you know going in I thought they could use a d tackle in but really you know evaluating the Raiders team they have pretty good depth that they drafted pretty well at the tackle last year so it’s pretty much just like receiver and tackle it’s going big or go home like Quintin Williams is sitting there yeah if not you don’t really need to take a deep tackle receiver if somehow you’re in the second round or you at the last year the twenty-seventh pick in somehow AJ Brown sitting or something like that’s in there than then maybe Nicole Harris sitting there in the early second round pick then you prior going to have to do it but it’s not really a need you know so led better they get here makes a lot of sense they need a guy like this.

This could be a sleeper in round Southern and then their last pick. I have them going with Drew Lewis an upside guy a potential guy linebacker from Colorado. You get two things what Lewis. You know I think he’s a fourth three outside linebacker the next level but he also could be a pass rusher he has some reps rushing from the outside linebacker spot so you get two things from him. He’s extremely athletic with a very good pro day a guy with a lot of upside with your last pick here. I mean why not. You definitely could use another starting linebacker too so maybe a guy that can compete here. Expect him a couple more moves in free agency that could be impactful for the team. So is a pretty good haul here. Let me know what you guys thoughts mainly on the running back situation I know some of your fans some of the Raiders fans are price sick of seeing Josh Jacobs It’s doubly a possibility and I want to change it up a little bit. Want under realistic things I want to change because I want to have my my regular mock drafts out. I don’t want you guys to see the same exact thing you have seen.

I don’t want to have the same guys picked you to know so it’s just something real. There are multiple different options is the great thing about the NFL draft. You don’t really know what you’re gonna get. You know sometimes I’d rather you know I want to pick these pretty accurately but sometimes I want to rather be surprised you know more worried about my evaluations of players. So this draft makes a lot of sense and I would wait for a guy like Darrell Henderson who I’m starting to like more and more. But I explain the scary part. But you know not super scary but let me know you guys thoughts any Raiders fans. What’s your mock draft is what your seven rounds would look like for the Raiders.

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