TEN BIGGEST Winners from 2019 NFL Free Agency

This is the type of guy that should shine in Patricia’s defense. We love every bit of it. He and Derek slay are going to have plenty of success together. This is still an ongoing rebuild in Detroit but the front office made some big leaves by helping to shape the championship caliber defense. Patricia is trying to construct the

Number 10. Green Bay Packers: the Packers wisely waited it out a bit before striking gold in free agency the front office once again followed tradition by not spending big dollars on veterans. The Packers stayed patient and found some guys who will surely upgrade their young up and coming defense. They bolstered their pass rush by adding Preston Smith ended Darya Smith for fifty-two and sixty-six million dollars respectively led by Blake Martinez. Green Bay already had a solid pass rush and front seven but it should be even more dangerous in 2019. And finally, the Packers added safety Adrian moss on a four year thirty-seven million dollar deal.

That’s a steal for a guy who has been one of the top graded safeties by Pro Football Focus over the last two years now. OK. So this defense should be a championship caliber unit. If Aaron Rodgers and the offense can regain its usual form the Packers will be in the running for a Super Bowl.

Number nine Baltimore Ravens: Some folks are pegging the Ravens as a loser here. After all, they did lose veteran Pro Bowler C.J. Moseley Terrell Suggs and Eric Weddle. But we’re looking at it from a different perspective. The Ravens released Weddle but wound up with a younger and better option in pro bowler Earl Thomas Baltimore and Tim to a four-year deal worth fifty-five million dollars and he should fit in nicely on the NFL as best secondary. Baltimore also found a reliable veteran to help out the run game at a New Orleans Saints veteran Mark Ingram. The 15 million dollar deal over three years is a bit of an overpay but he should still produce in that Lamar Jackson led offense. Ingram will be a great fit in Baltimore with his strong leadership skills and powerful running game. The Ravens were smart to avoid overpaying C.J. Mosley whom the Jets handed eighty-five million dollars to losing Suggs is tough but the Ravens defense will be just fine with that. The Ravens should be a force in the AFC in 2019 thanks in large part to another tremendous offseason

number eight Buffalo Bills: Brandon being played a very smart strategy in free agency ensuring that he addressed roster weaknesses without overpaying for veteran talent.

Bargain shopping tactics might just help accelerate this rebuild in Buffalo. The awful offensive line should get better after being added center Mitch Morris on a four-year deal worth forty-four point five million dollars. He also found some much needed wide receiver help for Josh Allen. Dean signed lightning quick wideout John Brown and reliable slot receiver Cole Beasley who should help move the sticks on third down situations. They also love the Frank Gore signing the future Hall of Famer will be a great locker room leader as the young Bill is trying to make another tap in 2019.

Number seven Detroit Lions: after a disappointing first year under head coach Matt Patricia. The Detroit Lions wasted no time in shoring up roster weaknesses. The Lions pulled off the good old strategy of signing former Patriots to help instill a championship culture incomes Danny Amendola who signed a cheap one year deal. He disappointed in Miami but Amendola should be a nice security blanket for Matthew Stafford and he’ll help the lines of plenty on third down situations. The Lions also signed the top pass rusher available and Trey Flowers who spent three seasons with Patricia in New England flowers earned a five year 90 million dollar deal. Yes, that’s a bit much but he’s still going to produce flowers was a monster for the Patriots in the playoffs and he should boost the Lions pass rush that will miss Ziggy Johnson and finally the Lions upgraded their secondary by signing Justin Coleman.

to disappoint mightily in 2018 and you Nora and Nate’s Holder comes to mind. Well, that didn’t stop offensive linemen from getting paid the big bucks. Once again in 2019. In fact, you didn’t have to be a pro bowler to earn the big cash. Roger Satterfield the top guy available earned a four-year forty-four million dollar deal from the Tennessee Titans. Trent Brown had a career year with the New England Patriots in 2018 after struggling for three years in San Francisco product through the Patriot system. Probably but the Oakland Raiders gave him a four year sixty-six million dollar deal. Both injured center Mitch Morris still managed to land a four-year forty-four point five million dollar contract and even though he had a very frustrating tenure in Miami tackled Joulwan James was given a four year fifty one million dollar pack from the Denver Broncos. So the deal was this If you were a fairly average to above average offensive lineman you get paid more than enough to be set for life no matter how these offensive linemen perform. At least her financially security Reverend

number six offensive linemen: We saw plenty of offensive linemen that received big contracts last year only What’s going on guys. The rather interesting 20 19 NFL free agency period is now over and the top players have finally found their new homes. Now we sit back for the next few years and see which team struck gold and which ones struck out. It is early and it will take some time before we find out which big contracts panned out and which ones flopped. But right off the bat, we can tell which teams and players are going to look back fondly on the 20 19 offseason. We’re here to tell you who those winners are and why we believe they’ve won the offseason. I’m Jason Biondo and today we present 10 winners from 20 19 NFL free agency. Don’t forget to subscribe to the TV yes and put on your notifications. Join that notification squad that a squad out there. Go and go join it with those videos every day.

number five. San Francisco 49ers: It was another big offseason for forty-nine as GM John Lynch who wasted no time adding veteran talent to a roster full of young star power. His biggest move was acquiring Kansas City Chiefs stud pass rusher D forward who should beef up a scary defensive line that includes Solomon Thomas and DeForest Buckner. The 49ers and an Atlanta Falcons super weapon Tevin Coleman. On a modest two year deal worth 10 million dollars he reunited with head coach Kyle Shanahan who is Coleman’s offensive coordinator during his finest years in Atlanta. San Francisco also added so many playmakers to their defense. They started by inking Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Juan Alexander to a four year fifty-four million dollar deal. Jimmy Garoppolo stays healthy in 2019 the 49ers will be a legitimate Super Bowl contender. And you guys heard it here first.

Number four Tennessee Titans: the Titans had an excellent offseason last year but injuries to quarterback Marcus Mariota ultimately killed their playoff chances. That’s right though they’ll be back and to make sure that happens. JOHN ROBINSON wasted absolutely no time in upgrading an already super talented roster. Obviously, Corey Davis was the only true playmaking wide receiver for Mariota while Robinson added coveted free agent receiver Adam Humphreys on a bargain four-year deal worth thirty-six million dollars. The latter will help extend the chains and give Mario did that security blanket.

The Titans suddenly have a scary looking passing game now. Tennessee also saw an offensive lineman Roger Sapp hold an added Pro Bowl pass rusher Cameron Wake on a three-year deal worth twenty-three million dollars. He brings plenty of energy and depth to one of the league’s top defenses and for safety measures, the Titans landed Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill in a trade then got him to reconstruct his deal. They now have perhaps the league’s best backup QB in case Mariota gets hurt another tremendous offseason for Robinson here. If the core guys stay healthy the Titans will be a strong Super Bowl Darkhorse.

Number three New York Jets: once again the jets entered this offseason with a plethora of salary cap space. And unlike last year the jets actually spend it wisely this time around. The big catch of course was Pittsburgh Steelers Pro Bowl running back a levy on Bell who was into a four-year contract worth fifty-two point five million dollars that powers up their ground game and gives quarterbacks and Donald a new weapon to work with. Bell should be a huge force as a running back and pass catcher. He’s one of the game’s most dynamic playmakers and should help this offense reach another level in 2019. And the term and money aren’t as huge as some would have feared. Luckily for the Jets, the market for Bell wasn’t so great so they got him at a very reasonable price. We’re not big on the 85 million dollar deal that inside linebacker C.J.

Moseley got but he will provide an upgrade on their defense anyway. He’s a great locker room leader as well and the Jets can offer to overpay here with all their cap space. The Jets also re-signed defensive lineman Henry Anderson who recorded seven sacks last year. And finally, they signed a speedy playmaking wideout and Jamison Crowder to a very reasonable three year twenty-eight point five million dollar deal. He instantly becomes the top wide receiver on the Jets. So getting green beefed up their defense and added two big-time weapons for their young quarterback is a huge win and the rebuild is finally looking like it may lead to something great.

Number two safety:You’d think that with a plethora of Pro Bowl safeties hitting the open market many of them would come cheap. No sir. If you were a secondary patroller this was your year to hit the open market through many including us were critical of the landing Collins free agent signing credit the man for earning himself so much cash eighty-four million dollars for a safety in this day and age. Nobody saw that coming and even though pro bowler Earl Thomas is coming off a broken leg that cut the season short it doesn’t stop him from earning a huge payday four years and fifty-five million dollars for a safety entering into age 30 season. While it didn’t stop there. Tyron Matthew left the Houston Texans and joined the powerhouse Kansas City Chiefs earning a three-year deal worth forty-two million dollars.

If he plays well throughout the duration of his contract Matthew will hit the open market and sign another mega deal. This was a huge win for the Pro Bowler Lamarcus Joyner isn’t as big of a name as these other three safeties but the former L.A. Rams standout got a four-year pact worth forty-two million dollars. Raise your kids to be safeties. What else can we really say

Number one Nick Foles and the Jacksonville Jaguars: What a comeback story. Nick Foles thought about pondering retirement when his days as an NFL starter seemingly came to an end. He was a backup for the Kansas City Chiefs but would rejoin the Philadelphia Eagles in 2017 reuniting with Doug Peterson and becoming Carson Wentz understudy one stories ACL late in the 2017 season. And at that time nobody could have thought that Foles was about to enter the spotlight again but entered the spotlight. He did Foles led the Eagles to a Super Bowl 50 to victory where they defeated the New England Patriots. These Super Bowl MVP also had to fill in for an injured once in the twenty eighteen seasons and he led them back to the postseason. Philly was also close to reaching the NFC championship game but they fell just a couple plays short in the divisional round. After two brief impressive runs in Philly Foles revived his career and became one of the most sought after quarterbacks in NFL free agent history.

The Jacksonville Jaguars handed Foles a four-year deal worth eighty-eight million dollars. That is not a bad payday at all for a guy who had pondered retirement a couple of years earlier. Now Foles gets rewarded handsomely with a big check and the chance to become a perennial Pro Bowler. Oh and the Jaguars finally upgraded quarterback after ending the Blake Bortles era all Foles has to do is play half as good as he did in Philly and Jacksonville will be back competing for Super Bowls and that folks are why falls and the Jaguars are the biggest winners in free agency. Now it’s time for them to prove his right by going out and winning Super Bowl 54. Who do you think was the biggest winner in NFL free agency.

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