The Los Angeles Chargers have the greatest NFL cornerback team

Pro Football Focus listed the top five cornerback trios in the National Football League earlier this week. The Los Angeles Chargers took the top place in what should come as a shock to no one who has been paying attention. Casey Hayward, Desmond King, and Trevor Williams are as nice as at the cornerback place.

Hayward has been the top corner of the Chargers since he came in San Diego in 2016, and that has stayed the situation for three seasons. He compelled an incompletion on 24.6 percent of objectives (per PFF) and permitted the fourth-lowest passer rating during that moment.

There is an assertion that King, who was selected a year after Hayward signed in free agency by the Chargers, is prepared to present Hayward as the finest cornerback on the list despite working mainly inside. King has been one of the finest slot angles in the NFL and is well on his manner to being deemed the league’s finest slot cornerback. No one has permitted a reduced passer rating (83.3) on slot objectives per PFF.

One might be tempted to overlook Williams after his lackluster results in 2018, but he was dogged all season by an ankle injury and it is sensible to think that the “true” Trevor Williams was the one we saw the year before in 2017, One that was one of the greatest teams in his situation. By all reports, Williams is back to 100 percent, and although he will need to defeat Michael Davis in the training camp to do so, he should be able to get back to where he was when we all assumed the Chargers had uncovered another shutdown corner.

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