The NCAA Tournament Started History

The NCAA tournament started in 1939 after Ohio State coach Harold Olsen presented the idea to the National Association of Basketball Coaches. The first tournament included just eight teams for playing in San Francisco and four in Philadelphia. With the championship game being held in Evanston Illinois is. Oregon beat Ohio State to win the first in CW championship. The NCAA will move the tournament to Kansas City for the next three years. After that, the NCAA ballet moved the tournament to New York City where it challenged the more prestigious National Invitation Tournament.

Oklahoma State became the first repeat champion winning the NCAA tournament in 1945 and 1946.

In those early years, schools could play in both the NCAA and the NYT. In 1950 CCNY won the NC Doubleday and the NYT beating Bradley in the championship game of both tournaments. Eventually, the NC Doubleday took on more prominence than the NYT.

In 1964 UCLA won its first national title under coach John Wooden that started UCLA s run of 10 championships in a 12-year span.

In 1966 Texas Western now known as the University of Texas El Paso became the first national champion with an All Blacks starting five. The miners defeated Adolph drops Kentucky Wildcats in the finals in 1971.

The tournament semifinals and finals were played in a dome stadium for the first time. UCLA be drawn over for the championship that year at the Astrodome in Houston Texas. In 1976 Indiana beat Big Ten rival Michigan for the national title the last undefeated team to win the NCAA championship

In 1979. Indiana State led by Larry Bird faces Michigan State and Spartans star Earvin Magic Johnson in the championship game. The matchup drew incredible television ratings as Michigan State beat birds Indiana State team in 1982.

The Final Four return to a dome stadium as North Carolina beat Georgetown at the Louisiana Superdome.

The tournament expanded the 64 teams in 1985. In 1996 Kentucky beat Syracuse at the Continental Airlines Arena or the Meadowlands. That was the last time a Final Four was held in a basketball arena.

In 2003 Syracuse freshman Carmelo Anthony became the first so-called one and done player to lead his team to an end CWA title in 2011.

The tournament expanded to 68 teams necessitating the first four in Dayton Ohio in 2013.

Rick Pitino led Louisville to the national championship and became the first coach to win an incident long title at two different schools. He had been the coach in Kentucky in 1996.

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