The Ten Best NFLers Who First Played in the CFL

No, it’s safe to say and somewhat fair for NFL fans to scoff at the CFL and say it’s a joke of the league they shall think again. That’s because a large number of NFL stars have played north of the border before taking their talents to the United States. Current NFL arms Cameron awake and Delvin Breaux grew from CFL sensations to NFL superstars.

Spoiler alert those guys aren’t on our top 10 but they probably will be by the time their careers are done. I’m Justin fraction. And today we present to you the 10 best NFL owners who played in the Canadian Football League number 10. Marv Levy. Levy’s legacy is being a legendary football coach, not a player. A man with over 40 years of coaching experience. He got started with the Montreal Alawites coaching them for five seasons and winning two great Cup titles with the team. He then went to the NFL coaching the Kansas City Chiefs for five years and then it got better from there. He coached the Buffalo Bills to four straight Super Bowl appearances in the 90s even though they lost every single one of them. LEAVY was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2001 and remains one of the best coaches in the history of the sport. Number Nine Rocket Ismail. Ismail played just two seasons in the CFL but he left a lasting legacy with the club. He led the Toronto Argonauts to the Grey Cup championship in 1991 and he was also named the championship games MVP. The Argonauts went six and twelve in the 1992 season though Ismail didn’t manage to set the record for most kick return yards in a season. He played from 1993 to 2001 in the NFL with the Raiders panthers and cowboys. He finished with three hundred sixty-three receptions for five thousand two hundred ninety-five yards and three touchdowns. Number eight Joe Horn in the 1990s the CFL tried to expand by adding American teams the Baltimore stallions failed as did the Shreveport Pirates and Memphis mad dogs but the latter two clubs helped horn kickstart a successful NFL career.

It registered for one thousand yard seasons and had double-digit touchdowns in both 2003 and 2004. Porn was a four-time NFL Pro Bowler and is in the New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame.

He played 12 seasons in a CFL registering 6 3 catches for eight thousand seven hundred forty-four yards and fifty-eight touchdowns. Number seven Joe Cam gap was a two time CFL All-Star was in the league’s Hall of Fame. He played two seasons with the Calgary Stampeders and six with the B.C. Lions. After that, it was four years with the Minnesota Vikings and one with the Boston Patriots that made the Pro Bowl in 1969. Gaither with 40 touchdowns sixty-four interceptions and five thousand nine hundred eleven passing yards and his NFL career also shares the record with multiple quarterbacks for the most touchdown passes in the game passing seven. The record is shared with other legends Drew Brees and Peyton Manning. Number six Brad but let Nick off the left and conflate 14 years in the NFL.

It was a six-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl 11 champion with the Oakland Raiders also winning the MVP of that game. He got five hundred eighty-nine yards for eight thousand nine hundred seventy-four yards and seventy-six touchdowns in the round to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He finished up his pro football career with the Montreal Alawites and coached in both the CFL and NFL after retiring number five Andre rice and rice and one wherever he went. You want Super Bowl 31 with the Green Bay Packers and a 90-second great cup with the Toronto Argonauts. Rice in the five-time pro bowler in the NFL was also a first-team All-Pro 1993 Pro Bowl MVP and had seven hundred forty-three career receptions for ten thousand two hundred five yards and eighty-four touchdowns. He played for seven NFL teams and finished up his pro football career with the Argos number four. Joe Theismann, it’s a shame that a broken leg injury costs the Iceman a large portion of his career but on the positive side, he did accomplish a lot with that run that should have lasted a lot longer. After three years my CFL with the Argonauts Iceman made a successful run in the NFL something not all quarterbacks can do when they come down to the U.S.

He won Super Bowl 17 with the Washington Redskins was a two time Pro Bowler was a First Team All-Pro he threw 160 career touchdowns and twenty-five thousand two hundred six yards in the NFL number three Jeff Garcia Garcia played five years in the CFL with the Stampeders leading them to the eighty-sixth Grey Cup championship and capturing the game’s MVP after a strong stint there he jumped all the way to the NFL and the rest is history. Garcia made it to four Pro Bowls and led the NFC in passing yards in 2000. He tossed 161 touchdowns and twenty-five thousand five hundred thirty-seven yards. You played with the 49ers Browns-Lions Buccaneer’s raiders and eagles and left San Francisco to a pair of playoff campaigns and the bucks to an NFC South title in 2007 number two Doug Flutie Ludie had one of the most unique pro football parts he started with the Chicago Bears in 1986 play three years with the New England Patriots then two years with the B.C. Lions for what the Stampeders two with the Argonauts before wrapping up his career which stands for Buffalo San Diego and New England in the CFL.

Ludie was a three-time Grey Cup champion and was the MVP for those games. He was a six-time most outstanding player as well in the NFL. He made the Pro Bowl in 1998 and threw for 86 touchdowns and fourteen thousand one hundred seventy-five yards and no one.

Warren Moon the man who accomplished it all. His name is Warren Moon. Here’s a rundown of what he did. Moon played six seasons with the Edmonton Eskimos leading them to Grey Cup titles in 1980 and 1982. It was the CFL was the most outstanding player in 1983. It made the CFL Hall of Fame in 2001.

As for the NFL, nine pro bowls a two time NFL passing leader onetime offensive player of the year and two hundred ninety-one touchdowns with forty-nine thousand three hundred twenty-five yards enough to put him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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