Top 10 Former Alabama Crimson Tide Football Players In The NFL

Coming in at that number 10 sport is linebacker Marc baron who currently plays the Los Angeles Rams. So making the switch from safety to outside linebacker has been the best move for Baron’s career. He has spent time with both the Bucs and the Rams in his long NFL tenure in there and finishes last season his seventh in the NFL with 86 tackles and three interceptions moving on the number nine we have quarterback Kareem Jackson who plays for the Houston Texans. Jackson is still one of the top quarterbacks of the NFL and the Texans have one of the best defenses in the NFL and Jackson is a big part of that. In his eighth season in the NFL Jackson finished this season with 71 tackles one sack and one interception. Let’s get to number eight now and that’s haha Clinton Dix one of the best names in the NFL put in Texas when the more promising young safety season in its fourth season in the league the former first-round draft pick intercepted three passes that go with 80 tackles six pass deflections for the Packers Clayton Dicks was one of six former Alabama players named to the Pro Bowl in twenty sixteen.

Let’s get to number seven now and that’s running back Mark Ingram who plays for the Saints and when the saints give Ingram touches he delivers so Ingram ran for one thousand forty-three yards and ten total touchdowns in 2016 and then fouled up in 2017 with nearly twelve hundred rushing yards in twelve touchdowns He also earned Pro Bowl honors last season his seventh in the NFL. Let’s go to number six down that’s defensive tackle Marcel Darian from the Jacksonville Jaguars various was dominant in the beginning of a seven-year career in the NFL putting up over 30 sacks with the bills but he played just eight games in 2016 because of a four-game suspension for violating the NFL substance abuse policy and for injuries so when he’s on the field and healthy furious is one the top defensive lineman the NFL but he’ll need to stay healthy and avoid suspensions and moving forward to remain at that top position and in his first season with the Jaguars in twenty seventeen he recorded one sack in twenty one tackles.

Let’s get into the top five now and coming in at that five spots is the linebacker Donte Hightower for the New England Patriots. A case could be made that Hightower is one of the best players on the Patriots when healthy who ranked among the top leaders in total defense for the NFL in 2017 Hightower is a warrior and often does play through his injuries and he was rewarded for his play last offseason with a 35 million dollar contract making him one of the top defensive players in the league and his career so far. Hightower has put up nearly 400 tackles 19 sacks and twelve. Passes defended. Let’s get to number four now on that C. J Mosley at linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens. Is a special town is exactly what the Ravens needed at middle linebacker? Once Ray Lewis retired in 2012 Mosley a Pro Bowler in 2016 and 2017 and finish the 2017 season with ninety-two tackles two interceptions and one touchdown. Let’s take it to number three now and that’s a Maury Cooper wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders a Pro Bowl player in 2016 Cooper carried his stellar play at the college level right over to the NFL in three years in the league. Cooper is caught. Two hundred three passes for three thousand yards and 18 touchdowns last season Cooper was limited the 13 games were still holding 48 receptions six hundred eighty yards in a career-high seven touchdowns in 2018. Expectations are sky high for the fourth year receiver. Let’s get to number two now and that is safety. Landon Collins for the New York Giants. Collins had a breakout campaign in his second NFL season in 2016. The former Alabama all-American has recorded three hundred forty-one tackles 262 solo tackles for sacks 28 passes defended and eight interceptions including one return for a touchdown in his three-year career.

In 2016 Collins finished third in NFL defensive player of the year voting.

All right let’s move onto that number one spot and I am sure we all know who it is. It’s Julio Jones. So with each passing NFL season, Jones has closed the debate about who is the best wide receiver in the NFL and his seven-year career and that makes me feel very old saying that Jones has put up five hundred eighty-five receptions for nearly ten thousand yards in forty-three touchdowns. He holds the record for highest yards per game averages in NFL history with ninety-five point three ahead of the likes of Jerry Rice Obi J Megatron and AJ Green. All right let’s go ahead and recap who I have the top 10 former Alabama players in the NFL coming in at number 10. We have Mark Baron from the Rams. Then we have Jackson from the Texans ha ha Clinton Dix of the Green Bay Packers Mark Ingram coming in at that sixth spot and at that five spot we have Marcel Darius from the Jaguars let’s take it a number five now we have linebacker Donte high fired Hightower excuse me followed by linebacker C.J. Moseley of the Ravens Amari Cooper of the Raiders comes in at number three Landon Collins at the Giants at number two and then Julio Jones of course at for one.

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