Top-Kept Secrets of the 2019 NFL Draft

Courtesy Kennesaw State University Justin Sumpter’s game has been shaped by two figures: Megatron and Goku. Megatron is Calvin Johnson, of course, he attended the same high school at Sumter Sandy Creek in Tyrone II Georgia.

Johnson’s parents and Sumpter’s parents are neighbors. every time Sumter entered his high school weight room, he saw Johnson’s 11-plus-foot broad jump and other jaw-dropping records on the wall.

Billu is the main character of the Dragon Ball anime series, a hero with the power to go Super Saiyan on his opponents when the chips are down, he hits them with the Kamehameha, and energy blast thick and level mountains. It’s obvious why Sumpter looks up to Megatron.

But Why Goku? it’s about how Goku trains for a fight, how he carries himself, how he’s always looking out for everybody else, said Sumpter, who is a huge anime fan, as you might have guessed.

He’s always going 110% no matter what, and he’s a great guy I just want to live. that kind of life so does Sumpter have a Kamehameha of his own it’s probably the one-handed catch.

I had a couple of those throughout my career. Sumpter’s most famous one-handed catch against liberty university went viral and was featured on an ESPN you got must segment. I had to turn my notifications off for a while after that, Sumpter joke but most of Sumter sketches look like something out of Adele Beckham Jr. sizzle reel.

That’s because he played in a wing bone option offense think Navy or Georgia Tech we’re passing was rare and every reception was contested. We would line up with three receivers on the right and me on the left on third and 12; everybody knew the ball was coming my way. It was hard to deceive people Megatron started a pipeline of receivers at Sandy Creek.

Some fear spends most of his prep career behind players who would go on to programs like Clemson and Auburn.

So sumpter became part of Kennesaw state’s first-ever recruiting class an owl’s team consisting mostly of freshmen went six to five in its inaugural season. In Sumpter’s junior year, Kennesaw State won the Big South and played deep into the FCS playoffs, facing opponents that often send prospects to the NFL. “Every game they talked about how small we were,” Sumter said but we were built for that.

We have one of the biggest hearted football teams in the country. Sumter ended his college career with only 111 receptions, but he averaged 17.9 yards per catch and scored 21 touchdowns. Sumter knows he has a lot to learn to make it as an NFL receiver. He didn’t run a full roof-tree at Kennesaw State and faced mostly simple coverages as teams concentrated on the options running game. At the same time, Sumter has become an alert, aggressive blocker, which can make him a valuable special team or while he refines the rest of his game with a little refinement.

The six feet 3 inches acrobatic Sumter could become a receiver who goes Megatron once in awhile on opposing cornerbacks or goes super on them.

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