Top Ten Ever Greatest MMA Fighters Of All Time

Number ten Conor McGregor: Now we know some of you don’t think that Connor should be in the top 10 at all while others think we should be ending the list with him at number one instead of starting out with him at number 10. Connor has excellent boxing and standup skills and might be one of the best pure strikers in the sport. He’s an amazing promoter and he’s held championship belts and two UFC weight classes. Pair that with some of the big names he’s defeated and well you just got to respect what he’s done so far. So why Number 10. Well, he’s never defended those championship belts for one. And it’s also pretty apparent that he’s got some weaknesses to exploit clinch and ground game. That is if he ever comes back at all.

Number nine Chuck Liddell: Chuck is one of the strongest punchers in the history of the UFC. He’s got some great kicks to go with it. He earned the nickname Ice Man in the octagon with a highlight reel worth of jaw-dropping knockouts throughout his career and championship reign. Chuck was a dominating fighter in the octagon from roughly 1998 until 2006. This pretty impressive high-level run started to fade in 2007 however and ultimately led to his retirement after a loss to Rich Franklin in 2010 proving that nobody, not even the Ice Man can stay on top forever.

Number eight Dan Henderson: Now here’s a guy who started fighting on June 15th, 1997 and was still fighting at a high level up until 2016. During the pride days, Kendall was one of the promotions main draws and in his final price fight not vandalize Silva out cold to win the middleweight title. This was in addition to the welterweight title of the already owned. His fight card is a virtual who’s who of MMA fighting legends and who can forget about that knockout against Michael Bisping by the way. He also defeated fado or merely an ACO which is nothing to scoff at.

Number seven Randy Couture: one of the most amazing things about the natural is that he started his professional fighting career at age 33 an age where many fighters find themselves on the downside of their respective careers. Randy has held belts and two UFC weight classes and will always be known as the fighter who just won’t give up. Although we never amass as impressive a win streak as some others on this list he has a very impressive list of names under his win column including detour Belfort Kevin Randall men Chuck Liddell Tito Ortiz and Tim Sylvia. Randy stood tall in tough fights against Brock Lesnar and the auto Machina as well in what would be his final fight. Time after time the natural proved that you never underestimate the old guy.

Number six Matt Hughes: started things off with his submission Slam win on January 1st, 1998 and quietly amassed an incredible forty-five and nine overall record that ended in 2011 with a loss to Josh cash check. Matt was the quintessential wrestler and taught a whole generation of fighters what it meant to have no takedown defense and MMA. During his prime, he defeated the likes of Sean Sherk Carlos Newton Frank Trigg Royce Gracie and even Canadian superstar George Sapir. Some would say that Matt’s MMA accomplishments are underrated as he influenced the sport so heavily in terms of the legitimacy of wrestling as a fighting discipline.

Number five Demetrious Johnson: Mighty Mouse is arguably regarded as one of the best pounds for pound fighters on Earth and one of the most technically skilled fighters in MMA. He became the UFC his first and only flyweight champion in 2012 and he’s defended that title nine times so far. Prior to his UFC debut, he was 2 and 1 in WBC with wins over Damasio page and Nick Pace. Demetrius is all about speed precision and power in one hundred and twenty-five-pound package. Remember that next time you’re thinking about picking on that little guy at the club might not turn out the way you planned anyway.

Number four Jon Jones: from April 12, 2008, until January 6, 2015. Jones posted the twenty-one in one overall FEMA record with 15 wins by stoppage. And what’s more, than the loss of his was a disqualification for downward elbows against Matt Hamill in a fight. He was clearly about to win although he’s already known as one of the best athletes ever to grace the octagon. His career has been sidelined multiple times due to various controversies and one can only speculate what his record would look like. Had he been fighting full time the past few years. Basically, there’s never been a fighter who’s defeated a list of who’s who in mixed martial arts quite like Jones has during his prime. It’s been amazing but the only question is what will happen if and when Jones makes his way back into the cage.

Number three Amelia Echo: the last emperor. The name really does fit when you consider that fate or went undefeated from April 6, 2001, to November 7, 2009. Amassing 20 seven victories and one no contest against Antonio Nogueira it was due to an accidental headbutt. I’m gonna leave the obvious big knock joke out of this. It’s just too easy. During that streak, he defeated the best heavyweights in the sport including Big Dog Mark Coleman Cro Cop Andre Orlowski and Mark Hunt. What makes fate or so great is the amount of fame he earned while the sport was still relatively unknown to most of the world. He did this all while avoiding fighting for the UFC his entire career. He’s currently 36 and four and still fighting faders mandatory watching if you’re new to following MMA or haven’t taken the time to watch him in action.

Number two George St. Pierre: George St. Pierre might be known as one of the most composed fighters to ever enter the octagon. He’s the stereotypical polite Canadian outside of the ring who will pick you to pieces. Once the gate closes after telling Matt Hughes that he wasn’t impressed with his performance he went on to beat him and take his welterweight belt only to lose it to Matt Sarah his very first defense a few months later. But after unifying the belt the following year GSP never looked back and compiled a hit list of killers while defending the belt a total of nine times. George is one of the first of a next generation of fighters that began to master a variety of styles including karate wrestling boxing Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that forms the blend we call MMA today GSP vacated the belt with a twenty-five and two records and now after taking a few years off seems poised to make a comeback.

Number one Anderson Silva: lots of fighters on this list have impressive win records and have defeated impressive fighters but only the spider has done it while making it all look well easy. From April 22nd, 2006 to October 13th, 2012 Silva put together a 17 fight win streak and he did it by simply mauling the fighters he faced. Most of his fights against decorated veterans of the sport looked like he was fighting first timers the spider can make you miss. Then he makes you pay with almost inhuman accuracy they could turn the most tested chins into the glass. Even though he seems to have never fully recovered from a horrific leg injury in the ring. Anderson still remains the most entertaining and skilled fighter ever to step into the MMA ring and the greatest of all time.

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