Top Ten Greatest WWE Wrestlers Of All Time

Is Mick Foley also known as dude love Cactus Jack or mankind? This man is a true entertainer. He started his career back in 1986 and retired in 2012 meaning he beat up his body for a good 26 years or so. The Hall of Fame not only entertained wrestling fans by portraying four different characters but was also known to be one of the most hardcore wrestlers of all time. With his signature smile which shows his top two front teeth missing and fearlessness in the wrestling world, Foley will probably go down in the wrestling world as one of the craziest of all time. From his match with the Undertaker where he was choked slapped through hell in a cell age to the steel chairs and barbed wire he’s taken to his face. This man will definitely go down as one of the greatest of all time referred to the hell of a cell match. Foley said I later asked the undertaker what he thought when he looked down at me from atop the cell. His answer was chilling in its simplicity. I thought you were dead.

Number nine was what my favorite wrestlers as a kid. It’s John Cena. Cena has become the face of WWE after being with the company for over a decade when he was first introduced. He was seen as a rapping thug like the character that was just up to no good. I would love would probably be the best word to describe him. I mean everything changed when he became one of the WWE most loved superstars. Cena has been involved in hundreds of matches against some of WWE biggest superstars including but not limited to Triple H edge the Undertaker and Cena is also one of only seven men who has held on to the title for more than a full year ever since going from bad guy to good guy. Cena has seen an enormous amount of success and because of this, he is at number nine on our list.

Number eight is Bret Hart The Hitman Hart whose slogan is the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be was exactly that and it will be respected around the WWE universe forever. Not that he was the biggest toughest or scariest wrestler. He was known to be an amazing performer always putting the safety of himself and those in the ring before anything else. Hart would also go on to have an incredible rivalry with Shawn Michaels until leaving the WWE in 1987 before coming back in 2010 Hart was forced to retire from wrestling after taking a kick to the head in a WC w world championship wrestling a rival to the WBC match which led to a serious head injury in 2000. He then suffered a stroke in 2002 which required him to retire for good. His return to WWE in 2010 was to give fans some closure and a chance to see one of their favorite wrestlers one last time.

Number seven is a wrestler who had one of the longest careers in the wrestling scene. The Nature Boy Ric Flair started his career with the American Wrestling Association in 1972. He would then go on to wrestle with companies such as the National Wrestling Alliance World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Federation and of course the WWE. Before retiring in 2016 with his flashy suits overly expensive shoes and of course bedazzled robes flair was known as quite the character of the WWE. Aside from being with the company for so many years. Slick Rick is somebody you may know him as a villain. Everyone loved to hate even though he was a dirty fighter. There was something about him that you had to love across the NWA and WWF slash WWE flair has won a total of 31 different major championships the Hall of Famer will be forever known as one of the greatest of all time.

You’re gonna be number six is the undertaker The Taker is the WWE longest tenured ring performer sided with the company back when they were in the WWF in 1990. The character of the Undertaker has seen many changes from a biker to a man with supernatural ability. There was never a shortage of entertainment. The Undertaker was also involved in the first ever WWE Helena s not in October 1987 the first ever casket match at Survivor Series in 1992 and the first ever buried alive back in 1996. Aside from being a part of these historical matches the dead man has also won the World Championship multiple times. The tag team title six times and the Royal Rumble back in 2007. On top of all of this, he’s also known for having the longest winning streak at Wrestle Mania going twenty-one for 21 before losing a wrestling media 30 to Brock Lesnar this six foot ten three hundred pounders has definitely made an impact on the WVU that will never be forgotten long after his retirement.

Number five is Triple H a sudden defeat the likes of The Rock Stone Cold Steve Austin Ric Flair Sean Michaels the undertaker John Cena and even WWE Chairman Vince McMahon Triple H has formed quite a few memorable alliances being the mastermind of D Generation X and evolution both of whom would be a big part of their shows at the time. Triple H has been one of the WWE biggest superstars since his debut in 1995. On top of this Triple H is also married to Stephanie McMann daughter of WWE owner Vince McMahon Triple H does still wrestle but is also known as the WWE executive vice president of talent live events and creative where he works with WWE creative direction and storylines of WWE programming. And with such an impactful career it presents Triple H has also led the way for many young WWE stars. Reports claim Triple H is losses to John Cena. Randy Orton Batista Jeff Hardy Brock Lesnar Daniel Bryan and Robert Raines really helped elevate their careers even Triple H is not only a WWE legend himself but he also has the ability to create them. This next wrestler is someone Triple H knows very well The Heartbreak Kid shot.

Shawn Michaels is the fourth greatest wrestler of all time with a personality behind the name Michaels was a WWE favorite for many years. Also known as the showstopper the icon and the main event Michaels really knew how to work for the crowd throughout his career. Michaels has won every major WWE title accorded in WWE Dakar to real rebels and a Hall of Fame entry HBK has participated in elimination Chambers tags matches triple threats. Last Man Standing helped us sell Royal Rumble and of course multiple wrestling radio appearances against some of the WWE best. Michaels enjoyed a 26-year long career with big man and Co. And because of this, he will be known as one of the greatest performers of all time.

Leading us into the top three. We got Hulk Hogan heads down my favorite wrestler as a kid Hogan is one of the many WWE superstars that really put the WWE on the map. Although he’s made multiple returns and departures from the WWE Hogan will always be a WWE ledger to my books. Aside from his incredibly famous fight with Andre the Giant wrestling mania 3 in which he defended his title poking at headline many wrestling media included the first ever wrestling media in 1985.

Aside from his many accolades and match history Hogan really knew how to get the crowd pumped up with his long blond hair handlebar mustache bright red and yellow boa and sunglasses. Hogan was and always will be an iconic wrestler though to actually rip his shirt directly off his chest. He was also given the nickname Hollywood Hogan and Mr. America although he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame back in 2005. Hogan has been involved in a fair share of scandals at the WWE seems to want to move on from the holster altogether. Upon doing my research it seems his name was not searchable as a superstar on WWE it doesn’t come up under the Hall of Fame tab either. Regardless hope will always be my fave wrestler at an all-time great lover too has moved on from wrestling into movies but that does not take away from his previous accomplishments.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson has been named The Great One the people’s champion and the most electrifying man in all of entertainment. Those only to come close to what he really is. Be the third generation of a family of WWE superstars. The rock was born to be an absolute legend, of course, winning multiple championships isn’t all the rock has done. He’s also coined catchphrases such as it doesn’t matter what you think. Know your role and shut your mouth. Just bring it. And of course Wrong. His personality won the hearts of many WWE fans which is also the reason for his Hollywood success with a million dollar smile the size of a machine and his memorable one eyebrow raise. The rock will forever be a large part of the WWE past and present success.

Now at number one, I present to you the greatest wrestler of all time. Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin was and always will be a lovable character to the WWE because he was probably one of the most relatable seen as a blue-collar beer-drinking fighter who loved going against the grain. Steve Austin made it clear he wasn’t your average wrestler with his famous glass shattering entrance. Austin made sure fans would know when he was going to enter the ring. Austin’s famous talk would be flipping off any of his opponents before hitting them with a Stone Cold Stunner these opponents included such legends as triple-A SHOT Michaels and Bret Hart. But more famously the Rock and even Vince McMahon who asked it would have many disputes with Austin isn’t the most decorated WWE superstar. But his rule-breaking ways and I don’t give a damn attitude was enough reason for Austin to capture the hearts of fans worldwide making him the greatest wrestler of all time.

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