Top Ten Philadelphia Eagles in NFL History

These are in opinion the top 10 Philadelphia Eagles players in NFL history. Now the criteria for this list was quite simple only really three things that I took into account. Number one how talented was the player. Number two. What did their resumé look like? How many pro bowls did they go to? How many. All pro teams that they make. Did they ever win a Super Bowl? Those sort of things. And then the last thing what was their impact on the Philadelphia Eagles franchise.

Again I’m only taking into account the time that they spent as a Philadelphia Eagle so a player like Terrell Owens for example who played on a number of different teams does not make this list due to the fact that he played for more than just the Philadelphia Eagles and spent not enough time in Philadelphia kicking off the list at number 10 is one of the most underrated players of the 2000s.

The Andy Reid era runner Brian Westbrook Westbrook was a match made in heaven for Coach Andy Reid and his West Coast Offense Westbrook was the definition of a do it all player his versatility as a back was incredible and almost to the point where he became more famous for his ability to catch the football then run it Westbrook had two seasons over 70 receptions and one with ninety receptions his versatility and ability to change direction send him to the Pro Bowl twice while also becoming a First Team All Pro in 2007 in only eight seasons as an eagle Westbrook managed to rack over 10000 yards as a rusher receiver and 71 total touchdowns plus he only lost two fumbles during that entire span Westbrook was arguably the key piece to the engine of those early 2000s Eagles offenses at six foot eight Harold Carmichael was a wide receiver the NFL had never seen before and to be honest we may never see one again six foot eight that size and athleticism was absolutely off the charts allowing Carmichael to become one of the league’s premier red zone threat wide receivers catching seventy nine touchdowns as an eagle ranking seventh of all time when he retired Carmichael was a beast and he was one of the stars for the Eagles during the 70s reaching for Pro Bowls making to Second Team All Pro teams Karmichael size was at times ungovernable leading the NFL in receptions and yards in 1973 and ultimately being named a member of the 70s all decade team what Eagles fans may remember him most for though were not his receptions or his Pro Bowls it was his postseason play Carmichael holds every important receiving record there is for a receiver in the playoffs when it comes to Philadelphia history with touchdowns yards per catch and yards per reception before Michael Vick the Eagles had Randall Cunningham one of the best running quarterbacks in NFL history.

Cunningham was an electrifying quarterback who combined great feat with a rocket arm Cunningham played for the Eagles from 1985 to 1995 reaching three Pro Bowls and two all-pro teams during his span with the team when Cunningham left the Eagles.

He left not only as the second all-time passer in franchise history but also as the third all-time rusher. He oftentimes carried some of the worst offenses that the Eagles really ever had in a span where the team wasn’t so great and he led them to great success. Also in 1990, he was named the NFC player of the year. Cunningham will always be remembered as one of the most popular eagles of all time.

At number seven one of the most prolific scores in Eagles history. Wide receiver Tommy McDonald was a key piece to the Eagles 1960 NFL championship team catching two hundred eighty-seven balls for 66 touchdowns as a member of the Eagles. You could really say that Tommy had a nose for the end zone retiring with the second most receiving touchdowns in NFL history in his seven seasons as an eagle. McDonald reached the Pro Bowl in five of those seven seasons gaining all-pro honors four times and leading the NFL in touchdowns twice in 1958 and 1961. McDonald was actually the last kicker to play without a facemask and a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

I think it’s safe to say that Donovan McNabb has a love-hate relationship with the fans of Philly. I’ve never quite seen a more strained relationship between a franchise and its franchise quarterback. McNabb was the face of the Eagles franchise for its modern glory years teaming up with Andy Reid. McNabb would take the Eagles to five NFC championships Despite only making one Super Bowl and coming up short. McNabb was a superb talent with an incredible deep ball and great mobility. McNabb reached six Pro Bowls and was a multiple time runner up for the MVP award. McNabb finished his career as the Eagles leader and completions yards touchdowns and also the sixth all-time leading rusher for a quarterback in NFL history. The most impressive statistic though of McNabb’s career has to be the 2004 season when he was the first quarterback to throw 30 plus touchdowns with less than 10 interceptions during the 40s and 50s the NFL saw many players come back from the war but few dominated the way Pete pious did playing what was considered the end position during his nine-year career as an eagle. The golden Greek Pete Pius racked up three hundred seventy-three receptions for five thousand six hundred nineteen yards and 61 touchdowns in an era where passing wasn’t even a second option. Pete’s tandem with Steve Van Buren led the Eagles 10 to NFL championships including pyros catching the game-winning touchdown in the nineteen forty nine championship game VRS the Rams in his Hall of Fame career the golden Greek was named a six-time all pro.

Six-time Pro Bowler and led the NFL in receptions three times. Yards twice and touchdowns once the Greek. In my book is the best wide receiver to ever play in Philly. Wham Bam. Moving van supersonic Steve Van Buren a seven-time all pro. From 1944 through 1951 Steve Van Buren was like a superhero in Philadelphia and one of the best players in the NFL during the 40s as the first player ever to lead the NFL in rushing three straight seasons. Steve Van Buren was a driving force behind two championship teams for the Eagles scoring the only touchdown in the 1948 championship game and setting the postseason rushing record with 31 carries for one hundred ninety-six yards in another. Van Buren led the NFL in rushing yards and touchdowns four times each and was named a member of the NFL. Seventy-fifth-anniversary team during the late 90s and early 2000s the Eagles leader was not a quarterback are running back or receiver. The leader of the Eagles was safety and his name was The Wolverine. Brian Dawkins Dawkins was the identity of the Eagles and the most beloved Eagle for many years. Throughout Andy Reid’s tenure, Dawkins gave the team an edge a grit that really didn’t go unnoticed at least to me. Not only was Brian a great leader but also an incredible player a rare breed of safety who could not only veer into receivers running across the middle but also fear into a quarterback of his playmaking ability and coverage.

The Wolverine was a hard-hitting ball hawk and a one of a kind player with numbers to back it up. Dawkins filled the stat sheet with eight hundred ninety-eight tackles 34 interceptions 32 forced fumbles and 26 sacks rare numbers for safety as a member of the Eagles. Dawkins went to seven Pro Bowls was named to five all proteins and a member of the 2000s all-decade team Weapon X will be remembered for restoring toughness in the Eagles. What do you think of when I say the minister of defense. Well, I think of maybe the best defensive player dominant pass rusher an incredible run stopper an all around great human being. That was Reggie White. Reggie White terrorized opposing offenses for eight seasons as an eagle from 1985 to 1992 before leaving to the Packers in free agency in all eight of his seasons. He was an all-pro and Pro Bowler along with a one time Defensive Player of the year and two-time sack leader easily the most talented player ever to play for the Eagles. Reggie does fall short off the top spot due to his ability and his equaled success as a member of the Packers later in his career. Still. You will see a ton of number 92 jerseys in the stands to this day and Reggie White is one of the greatest NFL players of all time.

When I think of the face of the Eagles a man that represents the team and the city I think of linebacker and center the last full time to a player in NFL history Chuck bedding Eric but Eric who played from 1949 to 1962 played every season as an eagle becoming a 10 time all pro eight-time pro bowler a member of 1950s all-decade team. But Eric was known as one of the NFL is most devastating tacklers as a linebacker and in 1969 was also voted as the greatest center to ever play in 1960. Bed Derrick knocked Frank Guilford of the New York Giants out of football for 18 months from a tackle which is one of the most famous tackles in NFL history. In that same season, he made another spectacularly memorable play by tackling Jim Taylor of the Packers on the final play of the game of the 1960 championship at the eight-yard line to seal the win as the leader of the Eagles bed. Eric brought two titles to Philadelphia something no other eagle can really claim. He exemplified toughness and the right way to play football. That trick in our book is the greatest Eagle ever.

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