Trade Antonio Brown to the Raiders! The Pittsburgh Steelers

What is going on guys are back on the news today isTrade Antonio Brown to the Raiders! The Pittsburgh Steelers, of course, a lot of people have heard Antonio Brown is headed to the Raiders now. Maybe it’s the location of where he’s going. Not necessarily the team but it seems a little odd that Antonio Brown is actually more willing to go here than in Buffalo. You know what. I mean I’m not saying Tom Brady gonna retire this year but there’s a good chance Tom Brady retires in the next few years and if Antonio Brown does stay with the team you know with the Raiders for three years and he would stay with the bills for three years. Who knows who leads that division. The bills. I mean it’s a little rough. But I don’t really see that big of a difference between the teams if anything I’d like the bills a little bit more than the Raiders here and like I said it just seems so weird that Antonio had no interest in go to Buffalo but willing to go to Oakland. Well, Oakland Las Vegas whatever you want to call it now of course basically you kind of have to tie everything together because everyone’s going to compare this new money to Antonio Brown to cholo Mac of course. We obviously know that went back. Kill it. However, they did get two first round picks. So you can’t really just shoot it down in that sense, of course, they lost Mack they lost Cooper they lost a third a second a fifth and a sixth and they gained Antonio Brown three first rounders in a second and a fifth.

Of course, the first rounders aren‘t all this year but the majority of them are. Obviously, it didn’t pan out as well as they wanted to. The Bears cowboys both. I would say in my opinion definitely exceeded expectations. But this money it’s kind of great. You know it’s close to those 20 million dollars a year situation. He’s about to be 31 The biggest thing about that 31 I know not every receiver do the same and there’s a lot of guys that can perform and you know in their later years. But just using as a Packers fan a good. The example is Jordy Nelson when he hit around 31 32 that’s when his production really slowed down. And of course when he went to the Raiders ironically really just did not have a good season. I know you had one really good game but that was pretty much it that came from him. I know you had seven yards but like I said I really didn’t do well other than that one or two games. Antonio Brown for a team rebuilding the team that’s going to obviously be adding a lot of young talent does you really want one of the faces of that team to be Antonio Brown who’s super self-centered. I don’t know.

Obviously the Raiders they’re looking for talent. The three-year contract is not like you’re locked in with the guy forever. They have a little bit of money. It is a little questionable that they didn’t resign Mac. I think honestly the Mac situation might have been a little bit more than they knew the draft was going to be stacked with talent. They knew they can get the picks. You know it seems a little weird talking about on the Steeler side now it does seem speaking of you know draft compensation that they got rid of them a little bit cheaper than we expected. I think I mean to be fair the raiders that third round picks I don’t know if it’s actually their pick. I think they actually have it here though it picks 66 and one to use to 66 is actually pretty decent in fairness. So it’s kind of close to that a pretty minor. I mean pretty much spot on with that. That second round value that they were trying to get out of him. I really wonder what kind of like I don’t know if they’re going to say but I’d like to know every single team that was in on it until the end. Of course Buffalo I don’t know if they would have actually given a second round pick. It’s not like it was you know Buffalo got a decline. It was more Antonio Brown decline then and a little bit of both.

I think Buffalo probably I think they did drop out of it like yeah. We don’t want to keep negotiating with a guy that doesn’t want to be here. But Antonio Brown obviously you know going back to that Jordy Nelson comparison I think Antonio Brown at this point in his career at the same time as Jordy was in his career at the same age I think Anthony Brown is a bit better. The question is though Derek Carr you know Big Ben he gets a lot of flak a lot of people say he’s terrible in this and that he’s definitely better than Derek Carr, in my opinion, they have better offensive weapons than the Raiders have the obvious. Well no I wouldn’t say obviously but they definitely have a better offensive line than the Raiders it’s crazy to say but they also have a better defense than the Raiders so how well will Antonio Brown actually perform. That’s the question. He’s not going to have one of those crazy good receivers on the other side of him like JuJu Smith Schuster. I’m not saying that Juju didn’t get a lot from Antonio Brown but there’s no you know he can’t play on each other as much. Julia Brown even though he was complaining a lot he had a really great under the radar season. I don’t know where the complaints were at. To be honest, I don’t see it.

I really don’t see it. All the things he did the shady things he did in the media against his own team. I just don’t like that for a team. You know they had the Packers is one of the teams. I wasn’t really interested in it. I mean don’t get me wrong a guy like him paired up with Dante it would be sickeningly good. But the things you were saying about Ben Roethlisberger. Rodgers does the same kind of thing. So that was not going to fit. So let me know if you guys had you know your favorite team. Were you hoping he would join your team? Do you think about this? If you’re a Steelers fan you do. Do you wish he would have stayed? I know a lot of serious fans pray thought of them before this year. As a guy that would probably retire there. But I mean hey they got rid of Lavon bell there. They obviously just got rid of Antonio Brown. So it’s going to be an interesting one to see what the Steelers are going to be like. They really didn’t perform too well this year. Obviously, they don’t have Bell anyways but this is a completely different team. I mean you a couple of years ago you thought of the big the killer bees they call them, didn’t they? I’m pretty sure they did. There are only one of those guys left.

So it’s gonna be crazy to see another thing to think about is, of course, the draft of I mean obviously everyone’s kind of thinking of who is going to be the guy to replace Kahlil Mack. Do we see them going wide receiver at what number four Metcalf? I know a lot of people are saying he could go all the way to number two at the Niners the Raiders they might see Metcalf as that complementary guy to Antonio Brown. The question is when Antonio Brown is able to handle that situation it’s crazy to think especially a wide receiver but would they go to him about that decision. Would you be fine playing with Metcalf because you know it could be almost an exact same situation as JuJu Smith Schuster which would be kind of crazy to say but I think I mean I don’t think Antonio Brown solves their wide receiver issues necessarily but number four for another wide receiver I mean they kind of you know pick you to know picked 66 142. That’s kind of their way of addressing the wide receiver position. It is a little interesting though. I know it’s a three-year deal but with a team that I mean obviously, every team thinks they were going to win it all this year but let’s be realistic with a team that isn’t going to be there in the next two to three years. Did they jump the gun with a guy like Antonio Brown that I mean thirty-one years old before the season even starts for a team that could very easily be four to five years away from having a good roster?

Obviously, lots of draft picks to work with the next two seasons but if they bust on those which a lot of teams you know I mean let’s be honest it’s a lot of picks but it’s not necessarily a lot of high picks. You’re not guaranteed somebody great. Obviously, a number for they’re kind of hoping that they are. But let me know who you guys think they should take in the draft. Do you think they should go Metcalf and number four if they have a chance? Do you think they should go with the pretty much the universal expected route of a pass rusher? I mean at the end of the day they do have two first round picks. They could maybe trade both of those into the top 10 or maybe not top 10 but top 15 get a pass rusher there take a wide receiver out for I know quantity is over quality kinda when you have that big a need like they do. It’s more than just one or two guys away. Obviously. But I don’t know. I like Metcalf there. I think Metcalf and Antonio Brown could do some things I think. I think it’d be nice. But once again they have a lot of need so.

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