What will Zion Williamson’s inheritance be at Duke Who is the Final Four X factors

The most hype season in Duke history came to an end a little short of where Duke fans wanted to be. Clearly, there was so much attention around this squad because of the freshmen especially Zion J we look in the squad. Duke losing here in the Elite Eight not reaching the Final Four.

You think about that what comes to my I think obviously whenever you go to a school like do you want your legacy to be being a national champion.

So look we’re all competitive obviously Zion Williams and RJ Barrett Trey Jones Ken reddish that whole class is very competitive. Will always be a sour taste in their mouth.

I mean every season ends in disappointment if you’re marching shift you don’t win but especially this one when you have the group of town that you had here sir.

No doubt about this group the way they carried themselves was so impressive Zion Williamson. Forget about winning and losing. How we handled winning how we today HANDLED LOSING. Speaking about his teammates never taking on the attention to himself but there is one thing when you go back into Cameron you have a banner. We have a number on it and you have a banner with the national championship. Yep. Zion Williamson and this group. If history has anything do with it even though he was a national player to year rookie of the year and all the awards that those guys have been garnered not bad.

But we do have a final four to look forward.

We got a couple of teams that maybe like yeah I can see those teams getting there a couple of items like wow they really got there. So set them to start with you. Virginia against Auburn-Texas Tech against Michigan State which matches up jumped off the page to you or which maybe player will determine the outcome of this thing.

You know what I when I think about Texas Tech and Michigan State it’s Cassius Winston and Matt Mooney. Matt would is an elite defender. Yeah, it’s a big physical 50 or senior. Obviously, you want to beat Michigan State.

You’ve got to contain Cassius Winston. That’s easier said than done.

If you a lot of credit you call Texas Tech to get into the Final Four because of our defense and our ability to knock down shots. When I look at the Auburn UVM game I mean that is a contrast of styles under understand makeup. It’s like that the classic line you get who is going to impose their will first. And if anything Jarrett Harper is a tremendous player. He’s very difficult to stop him and Bryce Rice Brown’s ability. I think they collectively score for 50 points today. I mean they’re out in the second half too. So when you look at those matchup like Kia Clarke will get the responsibility of guarding a guy like Jared Harper. That’s going to be a ton of Mighty Mouse is competing. And then Ty Jerome may be guarding the likes of Bryce Brown but I think UVA one of the best defensive teams in the nation going gets a team that plays a chaotic pace offensively. I will still have UVA to be the favorite in that book is that as big a contrast as like you and me.

Yes, I mean salt pepper also gives Seth Greenberg one more credit get Virginia’s go into the Final Four as well. He was just a Kentucky and Duke loss away from having followed your direction. That’s bad.

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