Wide receiver Amari Cooper describes what was wrong with the Oakland Raiders

Amari Cooper shared information about his last year with the Oakland Raiders and what led to doubts about achieving his complete potential in silver and black.

During an interview with Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk, former Oakland Raiders broad receiver Amari Cooper spoke about his transformation following a trade with the Dallas Cowboys.

Cooper appeared in six Silver and Black competitions last season ; he endured a concussion with the Seattle Seahawks in the second quarter of a Week 6 competition. Even now, his target share appeared to be abnormally small for a No. 1 wide receiver to catch passes from the same quarterback into his fourth term.

The AC-DC link among Cooper and Derek Carr should have been a focal point in last year’s offense before the trade.  Even, through the first five weeks, Carr targeted Cooper 30 times, tying Antonio Callaway’s first-year-wide receiver Cleveland Browns for 56th in goals (30) among pass-catchers.

Cooper may have had problems synchronizing with the playbook. He spoke of his disconnect from the offense.

“I felt as if there are things I did to do on the field during the matches, some places I wanted to be called and some paths I wanted to run that were just not part of the game plan,” he said.

Cooper also referenced the start of last year during the section with Florio as the stage in time when he questioned his fit with the Raiders. Team brass ultimately traded him for a first-round pick to the Cowboys.

Last offseason, head coach Jon Gruden supported Cooper as a major aspect of the assault by the Raiders (h / t Silver and Tyler Green by Black Pride). “One of our number one goals was to create number 89 the primary vein of our pass offense,” he said. “If Coop can be healthy and remain healthy, we’re expecting large stuff from him. He’s going to be the primary goal I believe in many of our passes.

Based on Gruden’s remarks and Cooper’s goals through five weeks, the goal obviously moved away from No. 89 ; Jared Cook’s narrow end saw 41 goals in that period. Jalen Richard’s running back had one less target than the lead wide receiver of the Raiders (29).

We may never hear the complete tale about the sharp decrease of Cooper’s goals within Gruden’s offense, but he shed some light on what went wrong from his view, suggesting that his talent was not accentuated by the 25-year-old felt daily match plans.

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