With Argentina, Chile wants to organize the FiFa World Cup

Qatar football in 2022 in World Cup, The United States, Mexico and Canada will organize a joint event in 2026. But where will the next room? FIFA has not yet decided whether to host the country. But Latin America wants to host Argentina’s football country. As the co-host of neighboring Uruguay, Paraguay was initially named, but Argentina wants to end Chile. On Wednesday, Argentina announced its name to participate in the World Cup.

The announcement was made after the chairmanship of Latin American football firm Alejandro Demingue, Buenos Aires. The representatives of four Latin countries, including Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, were present at a high level meeting.

“We will have to start working as soon as possible,” Argentina President Morsiya Macri told the meeting in the meeting.

Uruguay 1930 World Cup organized in Latin American countries Chile hosts events in 1962. In 1978, Daniel Bentera became the first Argentine host of the World Cup.

Latin countries interested in the 1930s will participate in the negotiation process with the Moroccan alliance of three countries as England, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Co-hosts. During the 2022 World Cup, the FIFA conference will finally announce the name of the host for the event 2030.

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