World number one team lost to Russia

On Thursday evening, Belgium and Russia are hosting the world for the first time in the world ranking. Europe qualifies for European qualification 2020 Chelsea star Eden Hedgard won 3-1 against Russia in Brussels

Starting from the beginning, preparations were started from Brussels to Brussels. The 14th minute of the game, first place in the game with one shot, the first goal of the host team, 1-0 midfielder Yuri Taylor But Golam was not long. Only two minutes later, Russia will return to equality. Belgian goalkeeper Thibo Castro beat Russian Dennis Cherishov 1-1 to Russia Penalty Kick

In the last match of the first half Belgium again led the way and Eden Hazard scored the penalty. Home teams have 2-1 goals.

In the second half, the first team played in the FIFA rankings against Russia. But the goal is to wait long to get it. Two minutes before the match, hezard scored his second goal. Belgium went ahead 3-1 in the 88th minute.

At the end of time Russia was a big hurdle. After seeing the second yellow card in the 90th minute, Alexander Golvin left the pitch. Russia lost 3 to 10 after losing 10

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